Don't Judge a Ship

By Year It Was BuiltI must correct the false impression of the U.S.-flag
For years, Canada has imposed protectionist policies against U.S. authors,

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There are some mightily frustrated politicians in France these days as French President Francois Mit
THE RESULTS ON SUPER TUESDAY, next week's series of primary elections in 20 states, may have much to
FEW DIPLOMATIC ISSUES place the United States on trickier sands than the current unrest in the Repub
Despite the recent improvement in the monthly trade numbers, the United States will have to attract
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IT'S A TRUISM of economics that investors put their money where they think it will generate the grea
NOBODY LIKES noisy airports. But new pressures to put the lid on airport noise threaten to do grave
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan scored a personal triumph last week. In his maiden eff
President Reagan last week unveiled an EXPORT NOW program to help excite businesses around the count
Inflation, most people know now, is easier to fall into than jump out of.

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U.S. COMPANIES MAY BE LOSING as much as $61 billion a year because our good trading buddies are pira