JOC Rankings: COVID-19 drags down US resin export growth

COVID-19 lockdowns in February, March, and April shuttered major end markets for US resins, such as automobile parts manufacturers in Europe and China, the largest single-country consumer of resin.

UP raises Seattle surcharge to $1,000 for small shippers

Union Pacific Railroad will raise the surcharge on small shippers to $1,000 on excess contract cargo beginning Oct. 25, a signal that rail-owned containers remain in short supply on the West Coast.

European inland hub boosts rail container trade from China

Limited air cargo capacity and high ocean load factors are keeping demand elevated on the overland rail network between China and Europe.

China’s rebounding economy gives volume relief to key European ports

Europe’s two busiest ports report solid import demand from China through the third quarter, which has helped mitigate the weak throughput of the second quarter.

JOC Uncharted: Episode 22

The latest episode of JOC Uncharted features a discussion with Tony Sciarotta, executive director of the Reverse Logistics Association, who will discuss managing returns in an uncertain market.

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Carriers are riding high on a profitable wave of record rates, surprisingly strong demand, and lower fuel costs, but there is no consensus among analysts and ratings agencies on whether it will be sustainable.
A substantial increase in heavy truck orders in September begs the question: Who will drive those trucks? Trucking employment is improving, but still down 4.7 percent year over year.
Giving better volume forecasts to container lines and collaborating with truckload carriers can help shippers when capacity gets tight, but it’s higher rates that lock in the slot space on a vessel or guarantees a trailer load gets picked up when needed.
If container shipping rode the wave of China’s emergence, set in motion by the global consensus around trade represented by the creation of the WTO in 1995, the industry must now confront a potentially very different geopolitical future taking shape with almost daily developments chronicling a deterioration in US-China relations.
Three large container lines say most of their available capacity is in use as demand in the US rises, but shippers still fret about finding space on a ship.