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Despite slow improvement in “relative demand,”’ a Bloomberg analyst and food shipper see a soft peak ahead for trucking.
Retailers predict a November spike in imports driven by inventory replenishment and the race to get ahead of Dec. 15 tariffs on $300 billion of imports from China.
Intermodal volumes did not recover in the third quarter, prompting questions of what railroads can do to win back shippers, other than waiting for a recovery in trucking.
Small and mid-size NVOs are chipping away at the market shares of the top five NVOs in Asia-US trade by moving aggressively on smaller accounts and responding quickly to declining spot rates.
The creation of a coalition — supported by more than 70 public and private organizations including Maersk, Royal Dutch Shell, and Lloyd’s Register — to drive commercial efforts to decarbonize international shipping is the latest example of an industry beginning to grasp the Herculean tests that lie ahead