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Beneficial cargo owners pay the price when there is a chassis shortage, so what are the options to address these chronic issues? Each idea has some pros and cons for shippers.
US truck capacity loosened significantly in the first quarter, especially on the spot market, but shippers shouldn't expect a "glut" of excess capacity this year.
Logistics technology tends to catalyze around software-as-a-service models and brokerage/forwarding models, but shippers need help with advanced technology and traditional service roles, meaning the categories are meeting in the middle more often.
The announcement, made Tuesday at the Georgia Foreign Trade Conference, comes amid increased carrier interest in Savannah’s plan to expand its intermodal capacity to enable goods to reach inland destinations such as Memphis and Chicago at least two days faster than now.
Rail delays in Los Angeles and Long Beach are compounding already severe congestion that has caused truck turn times to spike, with no relief in sight for at least the next two weeks.