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Shippers discuss peak season, intermodal, trade wars 20 Jun 2018
SSA Marine gets green light for Oakland expansion 20 Jun 2018
US exports most exposed in China-US trade dispute 20 Jun 2018
CMA CGM Containerships Ltd. buy another Europe footprint expansion 20 Jun 2018
Shaun Stevenson named CEO, president of Prince Rupert Port Authority 20 Jun 2018
Maersk to benefit from India’s fast-track customs approval for APM Terminals 20 Jun 2018
Capacity-strapped shippers support US truck driver apprenticeships 20 Jun 2018
Logistec CEO urges Canadian government to reassess labor relations 19 Jun 2018
Tariffs, trade uncertainty cloud Canada’s shipping outlook 19 Jun 2018
Prince Rupert port expanding again 19 Jun 2018
Penske Logistics buys Epes Transport to expand for-hire truckload 19 Jun 2018
Carriers refuse to bow to anti-surcharge pressure 19 Jun 2018
Phase 2 of digital forwarding leads to some confusion 19 Jun 2018
Analysis: Allowing bigger US trailers – truck sector’s gain, rail’s loss 19 Jun 2018
Stakeholders split on whether bill would lead to safer US truckers 18 Jun 2018
NY-NJ handles mega-ships post-Bayonne Bridge lift in stride 18 Jun 2018
Krishnapatnam Port's scanner to shorten wait times, improve security 18 Jun 2018
Double-digit higher truck rates mark US produce season start 18 Jun 2018
More Brazil shippers choosing rail after truckers’ strike 16 Jun 2018
'Unprecedented' demand strains US surface transport 15 Jun 2018
Newly publicly owned, U.S. Xpress guns for profit level of peers 15 Jun 2018
ILA deal opens door for greater terminal-supply chain connectivity 15 Jun 2018
China Merchants takes Newcastle stake amid Australia trade friction 15 Jun 2018
US drayage demand spiking across country 15 Jun 2018
ONE’s Nixon: North American customer service on upswing 15 Jun 2018
LTL ‘legends’ see technology transforming US trucking 14 Jun 2018
India sets deadline for nationwide RFID program rollout 14 Jun 2018
Severe Chittagong congestion causing up to 10-day delays 14 Jun 2018
US-China container trade accelerating despite tariffs, import bans 14 Jun 2018
Duisburg’s new ocean, rail services attracting shippers 14 Jun 2018