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Global green fuel pricing must ‘coexist’ with Europe’s ETS: WSC

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
By the time the IMO measure is introduced, the European carbon tax will have already been in place for three years, raising concerns that lengthy EU scrutiny of the global mechanism could see shippers hit with a double tax.
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US merchant wholesale data shows some green shoots for freight demand

Jason Miller, associate professor of logistics at Michigan State University, and Journal of Commerce analyst |
Across the board, merchant wholesalers are entering 2024 in a better position than this time last year when most sectors were seeing inflation-adjusted sales decline in conjunction with inventories-to-sales ratios that were well above pre-COVID levels.
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Green fuel mechanism ‘a rifle shot’ at addressing fuel pricing gap: WSC

Greg Knowler, Senior Europe Editor |
A core challenge facing container shipping is how to craft a global greenhouse gas pricing regulation that can bridge the price gap between green and fossil fuels while spurring investment in alternative fuels.
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Logistics’ complicated structure requires equally complex approach to AI usage

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
ChatGPT and generative AI have captured most of the attention around artificial intelligence in logistics, but the diverse range of processes underpinning global supply chains require multiple types of AI working in concert.
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Maersk launches online air freight tool targeted at Indian shippers

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Maersk’s integrator strategy has encompassed more access to air freight capacity, including a new tool for shippers in India to digitally price and book specific flights.
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CloudTrucks acquires Shipwell brokerage division amid truckload market shakeout

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
CloudTrucks’ acquisition of Shipwell’s brokerage division signals the importance of giving drivers direct access to loads through the technology platform they use to run their business.
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FMC asked to slow fast tracking of Red Sea-linked freight surcharges

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
While higher operating costs are inevitable due to longer voyages around the Cape of Good Hope, shippers want more transparency as to what those costs are.
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C.H. Robinson using AI to advance ‘touchless’ truck scheduling

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
The largest US freight broker is trying to eliminate the wait at the gate by not only scheduling truck appointments for shippers, but finding optimal appointment times. 
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Uber Freight, SSC testing digital truck scheduling standard

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
A pilot version of a truck appointment scheduling API is part of the hunt for new digital standards for supply chains that are still encumbered by manual processes.
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Shippers balk at new ocean carrier surcharges levied amid global network strain

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
While shippers are using terms in their contracts to push back against the higher costs linked to the Red Sea and Panama Canal disruptions, carriers are also looking to void those terms altogether.
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UPS to explore ‘alternatives’ for Coyote Logistics, announces layoffs

JOC Staff |
UPS CEO Carol Tomé, who was on UPS’s board of directors at the time of the 2015 Coyote acquisition, acknowledged UPS did not fully appreciate how cyclical truckload and intermodal brokerage was at the time.
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AI is impacting logistics at a faster pace, but in the background

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Artificial intelligence is quickly being integrated into everyday logistics and shipping processes such as truck check-ins, rate quotes and freight payment.
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Shippers urged to tether rate management with freight invoice processes to cut errors

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Most shippers use spreadsheets to manage rates from forwarders and container lines, which contributes to an inefficient process for freight payments and audits.
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Former Slync CEO Kirchner convicted by federal jury over misuse of company funds

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
A guilty verdict against Slync founder Chris Kirchner brings closure on a saga that came to light when Slync employees went unpaid for weeks in spring 2022.
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Logistics tech providers tackle silos separating orders from freight

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Connecting purchase order management with logistics management has been a challenge since before the pandemic, something BuyCo and Gravity hope to alleviate with a combined offering.
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Nippon Express takes minority stake in India-based digital forwarder

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
The digital forwarding model saw a stress test in 2023 amid faltering freight volumes and rates, but investments in early 2024 might signify staying power for the concept.
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C.H. Robinson adopting standard US LTL e-bill of lading 

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
The move by the largest US logistics provider to use a standardized electronic bill of lading accelerates digitization in the less-than-truckload sector. 
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UK-based Wincanton accepts $718 million takeover offer from CEVA Logistics

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Adding the UK and Ireland-focused supply chain specialist will expand the CMA CGM subsidiary’s footprint in the region and add almost $1.9 billion in revenue to its balance sheet.
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Red Sea crisis hitting high-growth trade route for USEC: Virginia Ports CEO

Teri Errico Griffis, Associate Editor |
The sharp decline in ships moving through the Suez Canal is tamping down activity on the busy route between Southeast Asia, the India subcontinent and the US East Coast.
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National last-mile carriers ratcheting up focus on B2B volumes

Cathy Morrow Roberson, Business Analyst |
FedEx and UPS will still play a role in residential deliveries, depending on the profitability of those volumes.
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FMC to hold February hearing on carriers’ Red Sea-linked surcharges

Teri Errico Griffis, Associate Editor |
Some shippers, such as the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, have pushed the FMC to force carriers to offer more transparency into the economics behind the recent surcharges.
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SC Ports requests study to deepen channel leading to North Charleston Terminal

Teri Errico Griffis, Associate Editor |
The dredging would be part of a multifaceted project to expand the terminal’s capacity from 500,000 TEUs to 2.5 million TEUs within the next decade and allow it to handle ships of any size.
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New Jersey warehouse demand ebbs amid consumer spending slowdown

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
Along with vacant warehouses, tenants that want to downsize or move through subleases are also adding to supply.
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US Labor Department resets guidelines on contractor, employee status

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Trucking groups will be lining up to challenge a Labor Department rulemaking that will change guidelines used to determine when a worker is a contractor or employee.
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Zim joins list of carriers deploying sensors on dry box fleet

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
The carrier’s move comes amid increased scrutiny on the positioning of container ships due to the ongoing militant attacks on commercial vessels transiting the Red Sea.
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Destocking freeing up US warehousing space, but costs remain elevated

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Continued diversification in US entry points will eventually lead to greater demand for warehousing and storage at inland nodes.
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3PL Kenco expands warehousing reach in key US markets

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
The acquisition of The Shippers Group gives Kenco greater distribution capacity and underscores resilient demand for space and integrated logistics services despite a weak freight market.
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US chassis demand tepid amid ample units, additional manufacturers

Ari Ashe, Senior Editor |
Chassis lessors must work quickly to be prepared to unstack units when the international intermodal market rebounds.
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Lack of green compliance could be costly for some Southern California warehouses

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The facilities must adhere to new emissions-cutting rules implemented several months ago by regulators or risk daily fines approaching $12,000 per day.
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FMC should guard against carrier ‘profit center’ from Red Sea surcharges: AgTC chief

Peter Friedmann, executive director, Agriculture Transportation Coalition |
With ocean carriers rushing to the FMC to seek waivers of the 30-day notice period required to implement surcharges linked to the Red Sea crisis, the head of a major US shipper group says the commission should require carriers to provide more transparency around the additional costs the charges are meant to cover.
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Red Sea crisis amplifies existing strain between carriers, shippers: analyst

Lars Jensen, CEO & Partner, Vespucci Maritime, and Journal of Commerce analyst |
Almost four years after COVID-19, a new crisis is once again shining a light on the traditional contentious relationship between container carriers and their customers when it comes to pricing dynamics, writes Lars Jensen.
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A decade on, logistics industry still awaits proof that VC is a welcomed partner

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
None of the most prominent venture-backed names in logistics has had a successful exit yet, but perhaps patience is still required before the industry can say for sure if venture capital is a worthy funding route for company founders.
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Major FMC rulemakings, cases to provide industry clarity in 2024

Teri Errico Griffis, Associate Editor |
The Federal Maritime Commission’s final rule on detention and demurrage will be a watershed moment in the industry next year, but it won’t be the only one.
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CBP ruling prohibits US customs brokers from using offshore labor

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
The ruling is significant because it means US brokers can no longer use less expensive offshore labor to cut down on operational costs associated with import entry preparation and other brokerage services.
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Freight transport’s ‘new normal’ marked by slower growth

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Lower consumer demand for imports and domestic goods reshaped international and US freight markets in 2023.
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Port NOLA gets federal funds to launch construction of mega-terminal

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The proposed 2-million-TEU container terminal would be situated downriver from New Orleans where ships won’t face the air-draft restrictions of the Crescent City Connection bridge that spans the Mississippi River.
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Calmer supply chains, soft demand boosting on-time package deliveries in US

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
UPS and FedEx are delivering more packages on time this holiday season, helped by no shortage of capacity in the modes that feed their networks, while Amazon, Walmart and others build out delivery capabilities.
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Deutsche Bahn launches long-awaited sales process for DB Schenker unit

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Those making offers — which analysts say could top $20 billion — are expected to be a list of major global forwarders including DSV, Kuehne+Nagel and DHL Global Forwarding.
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Container lines await Red Sea naval protection as they divert from Suez

Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor |
Expectations that the US Navy will step up maritime protection in the Red Sea following an increasing number of attacks on commercial shipping hasn’t stopped carriers from routing services away from the Suez Canal.
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Retailers retooling supply chains amid lower demand, excess capacity

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
As conditions normalize, US retailers such as Dollar General are cutting unneeded resources, including temporary warehousing, while reinforcing their core business.
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