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No bump yet in trans-Pacific demand from Red Sea, Panama Canal: Matson

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
Matson said its trans-Pacific volume outlook for 2024 is roughly flat with last year owing to modest growth in its Jones Act business and little impact yet from other supply chain crises.
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White House counters risk of Chinese port cranes with $20 billion for US sourcing

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
Along with new funding for the domestic manufacturing of container cranes, the Biden Administration has given the US Coast Guard more power to monitor cyberattacks on port and maritime infrastructure.
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Savannah reducing ‘free time’ window to accept export containers

Ari Ashe, Senior Editor |
The change in policy for so-called earliest receiving dates was due to go into effect March 1, but exporters asked the Georgia Ports Authority for more time to adjust their warehouse operations.
North American ports

Ryder expands footprint in Laredo after truck border crossings rose 5% last year

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
A new 228,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution facility near Laredo’s World Trade Bridge will help Ryder scale operations for cross-border shippers.
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January cargo spike could bode well for eastbound trans-Pacific in 2024

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The fourth consecutive month of year-over-year growth in US imports from Asia might be a sign the world’s busiest trade lane has turned the corner after a lackluster 2023 in which imports declined about 13%.
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‘Disciplined’ truckload carriers attempt to hold the line in annual pricing talks

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Many US truckload customers engaged in annual bids and contract talks are still looking for rate cuts, but the potential for a market turnaround is tempering behavior.
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Supreme Court declines to hear SC Ports’ appeal of Leatherman ruling

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The decision to not hear the appeal leaves intact a ruling that allows the International Longshoremen’s Association to sue ocean carriers that use the Leatherman terminal, an apparent blow to the so-called “hybrid” labor model used in Charleston.
Longshore laborContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesNorth American ports

Activist investor seeks to oust CEO at ‘worst’ Class I railroad Norfolk Southern

Ari Ashe, Senior Editor |
In addition to pushing for a leadership change, Ancora Holdings also said NS should not invest so heavily in intermodal under its current strategy and criticized the railroad for changing 180 train schedules last year to prioritize container and trailer business.
Intermodal providersNorth-American rail

Oakland’s main terminal adds overnight shift to clear vessel backlog

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The operator of Oakland’s largest container terminal said it will take about two weeks to clear the vessel backlog at Oakland International Container Terminal.
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Rotterdam, Hamburg volumes fell last year as weak economy hit demand

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
High inflation, the rising cost of living and geopolitical tensions suppressed demand from European consumers and industry in 2023, with few signs of a turnaround apparent for this year.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesAsia-Europe

Improving US economy lifts outlook for trucking M&A activity

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
More accretive “tuck-in” deals that expand carrier niche services and coverage appear likely if the Fed cuts US interest rates and freight demand improves. 
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Ro/ro carriers expect record demand, profits to persist into 2024

Keith Wallis, Special Correspondent |
Vessel diversions and potential tariffs complicate the outlook, but strong forward contracting fueled by booming demand is bolstering the ro/ro sector after a strong 2023.
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Global green fuel pricing must ‘coexist’ with Europe’s ETS: WSC

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
By the time the IMO measure is introduced, the European carbon tax will have already been in place for three years, raising concerns that lengthy EU scrutiny of the global mechanism could see shippers hit with a double tax.
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Another Mexico intermodal option launches for shippers amid cross-border growth

Ari Ashe, Senior Editor |
Shippers will have another domestic intermodal option between Mexico and the US as cross-border intermodal growth outpaces the overall North American market.
North-American railIntermodal providers

Mexican truck drivers protest lack of security in latest cross-border disruption

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
A Mexican trucking association launched a strike Thursday, adding to the uncertainty cross-border shippers face in the fast-growing market.
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ONE, Wan Hai align on a ‘revamp’ of a trans-Pacific service to West Coast

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The new partnership with Wan Hai comes as ONE — along with Yang Ming and HMM — faces the loss of THE Alliance partner Hapag-Lloyd, which is leaving the vessel-sharing agreement for a new partnership with Maersk.
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New short-haul rail service debuts linking Tacoma to inland hub

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The first shipments of hay were loaded into Evergreen containers at the inland hub and moved by Union Pacific to the Pierce County Terminal in Tacoma for shipment to China.
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Container shipping still has an overcapacity problem, but it’s far from insurmountable

Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor |
When carriers, and more importantly their insurers, regain confidence in transiting the Suez Canal via the Red Sea, a massive — but not insurmountable — oversupply will await them.
Container lines

US merchant wholesale data shows some green shoots for freight demand

Jason Miller, associate professor of logistics at Michigan State University, and Journal of Commerce analyst |
Across the board, merchant wholesalers are entering 2024 in a better position than this time last year when most sectors were seeing inflation-adjusted sales decline in conjunction with inventories-to-sales ratios that were well above pre-COVID levels.
Supply chain

Large US truckload carriers reining in truck capacity amid low demand

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
The Journal of Commerce Truckload Capacity Index fell to 2018 levels at the end of 2023 as truckload carriers kept cutting into their fleets to lower costs. 
SurfaceTrucking NewsTruckload

Green fuel mechanism ‘a rifle shot’ at addressing fuel pricing gap: WSC

Greg Knowler, Senior Europe Editor |
A core challenge facing container shipping is how to craft a global greenhouse gas pricing regulation that can bridge the price gap between green and fossil fuels while spurring investment in alternative fuels.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesTransport, Trade, and Regulation News

FMC rules for truckers in chassis dispute with ocean carriers

Ari Ashe, Senior Editor |
The long-awaited decision also seemingly puts to rest the question as to whether the FMC has authority on issues that extend beyond US ports.
North American portsNorth-American rail

Carriers deploy 13,000-TEU ‘feeder’ vessels to serve Asia-Med trade

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Container shipping networks from Asia to North Europe and the Mediterranean are being reshaped as carriers redeploy capacity to compensate for the additional transit time needed to sail around southern Africa.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesTrans-AtlanticAsia-Europe

HMM posts slight Q4 profit, downplays collapse in takeover talks

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
The South Korean carrier warned of rising uncertainty and a volatile container shipping market through 2024 but said the breakdown in takeover negotiations with the Harim Group earlier this month would have no impact on its operations this year.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer lines

Reality of Red Sea capacity ‘crisis’ is far different than the hype

Peter Tirschwell |
The vessel diversions around southern Africa driven by the Red Sea security situation will turn out to be merely a brief distraction from an overall picture of overcapacity that has been building since 2022, writes Peter Tirschwell.
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Logistics’ complicated structure requires equally complex approach to AI usage

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
ChatGPT and generative AI have captured most of the attention around artificial intelligence in logistics, but the diverse range of processes underpinning global supply chains require multiple types of AI working in concert.
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PMA taps COO Hennessey to replace McKenna as president, CEO

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
Stephen Hennessey joined PMA in 2004 after holding management positions in the shipping and trucking industries, including with Sea-Land Service, Roadway Express and Horizon Lines.
MaritimeContainer linesMarine terminalsLongshore laborNorth American ports

Carriers, shippers using feeder networks to mitigate Red Sea port disruptions

Peter Shaw-Smith, Middle East contributor |
The shipping industry still deems southbound voyages through the Suez Canal as far as Jeddah Islamic Port in Saudi Arabia as beyond the reach of the militant attacks that have forced the majority of large container ship traffic to divert around the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesInternational ports

Knight-Swift buys 10 more Yellow terminals for $2.2 million as LTL push continues

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
After the latest round of bidding, the largest US truckload operator has now acquired 25 Yellow facilities, bringing it closer to having a nationwide LTL network. 
SurfaceTrucking NewsLTL

As Gemini dawns, another change in shipping alliances is inevitable: expert

Patrick Burgoyne |
Whenever container shipping experiences an upheaval in the alliance structure, the wind-down period from announcement to departure and then to the reforming of new alliances can be bumpy, writes industry veteran Patrick Burgoyne.
MaritimeContainer linesMarine terminals

European congestion fears allayed thus far as vessel arrivals spread out

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Terminals in Europe say ocean carrier schedules have been disrupted by the ship diversions around southern Africa, but there is still no sign of the port bottlenecks that were expected when the rerouting began.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesAsia-Europe

Some carriers halt India-Europe westbound bookings amid capacity crunch: forwarders

Bency Mathew, Special Correspondent |
Given the capacity pressures, a potential higher incidence of gated cargo being left behind or rolled over in March could spark serious trade concerns, Indian sources say.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesInternational ports

Large LTL providers report strong pricing gains, opportunities

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Yield and rates are rising at some of the biggest LTL carriers after a strong finish to 2023, although lower fuel surcharges may pull gains down to mid-single digits.
SurfaceTrucking NewsLTL

Maersk launches online air freight tool targeted at Indian shippers

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Maersk’s integrator strategy has encompassed more access to air freight capacity, including a new tool for shippers in India to digitally price and book specific flights.
Logistics Technology NewsContainer linesAir CargoAir Cargo Carriers NewsAir Cargo Forwarder News

Zim debuts standalone express service between US Gulf and South America

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The carrier is looking to take part in the trade growth the US Gulf is enjoying with South America’s largest economies that consume heavy quantities of US petrochemicals.
Container linesContainer Shipping NewsNorth American ports

MPV indices inch upward in February as capacity tightens amid route diversions

Janet Nodar, Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift |
Multipurpose/heavy-lift carriers share concerns over the uncertainty caused by geopolitical events but see longer-term promise thanks to the slow-moving green energy boom.
Breakbulk NewsBreakbulk carriersProject cargoEnergy projects

Latest earnings put wind turbine manufacturers back in black

Autumn Cafiero Giusti, Special Correspondent |
Wind OEM earnings grew as the business environment improved and companies continued to work their way through low-margin projects that were booked before inflation and supply chain snarls hit the industry.
Breakbulk NewsProject cargoEnergy projects

Carriers resume Panama Canal transits on some services as disruption eases

Keith Wallis, Special Correspondent |
Highlighting how things have improved to some extent, Hapag-Lloyd said THE Alliance has restored transits through the canal on some of its trans-Pacific to US East Coast EC2 services.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsContainer linesTrans-Pacific

CloudTrucks acquires Shipwell brokerage division amid truckload market shakeout

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
CloudTrucks’ acquisition of Shipwell’s brokerage division signals the importance of giving drivers direct access to loads through the technology platform they use to run their business.
Logistics Technology NewsTrucking NewsTruckloadTruck brokers

Container ship supply meeting Red Sea challenge, but market much tighter

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The huge order book due to be delivered through 2024 is helping ocean supply chains withstand the Red Sea crisis, experts say, but another shock would cause a “pandemic-type crisis.”
Container linesContainer Shipping NewsTrans-PacificAsia-Europe