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LA-LB HTA-Milestone joint chassis pool cut truck turn times 12 Oct 2018
Hurricane Michael delivers suckerpunch to Southeast US shippers 11 Oct 2018
Bangladesh firms say better Colombo services will lure them 11 Oct 2018
Analysis: Digitize the bill of lading 11 Oct 2018
Low-sulfur forum pitched to help carriers calculate BAFs 11 Oct 2018
Demand, low-sulfur rule reshaping multipurpose, heavy-lift market 11 Oct 2018
CMA CGM to boost stake in CEVA after rival bid 11 Oct 2018
Low-sulfur rule to bring back ocean slow-steaming 11 Oct 2018
An Airbus cargo shift from lift-on, lift-off to roll-on, roll-off 10 Oct 2018
Airbus startup to add giant kite SeaWing to breakbulk ship 10 Oct 2018
Peak season: Were US intermodal rail expectations set too high? 10 Oct 2018
Trade group lauds JNPT PSA terminal’s proactive efforts 10 Oct 2018
US shippers get more ‘surgical’ in truck contract bidding 10 Oct 2018
Gulftainer plan to quintuple Wilmington, Delaware, port 10 Oct 2018
Three-day truckers’ strike delays 5,000 TEU at Chittagong 10 Oct 2018
Tariff damage to US agriculture exports has only begun 10 Oct 2018
PSA's Tan calls for portwide 'Internet of Logistics' 10 Oct 2018
US shippers accelerate peak plans, post UPS-Teamster vote 09 Oct 2018
Near-record US imports forecast through year's end 09 Oct 2018
US Gulf Coast ports close ahead of Hurricane Michael 09 Oct 2018
Analysis: It’s all about the cube, US LTL carriers 09 Oct 2018
Maersk launches India supply chain tech accelerator 09 Oct 2018
Distrust may push more shippers to develop own low-sulfur BAFs 09 Oct 2018
Maersk invests in US digital brokerage to propel path to integrator 08 Oct 2018
ILA raises automation concerns anew with conference boycott 08 Oct 2018
Transplace extends US intermodal, truck brokerage reach 08 Oct 2018
Q&A: Collaboration, consensus key to supply chain transformation 08 Oct 2018
Transshipment at Indian ports accelerates 08 Oct 2018
APL expands guaranteed trans-Pac services amid peak season 08 Oct 2018
Analysis: Deficit rating is a ‘habit’ US LTL carriers should break 08 Oct 2018