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A global transportation resource, the JOC Sailing Schedule offers the cargo transport industry multiple ways to access maritime shipping schedules and related information.  Frequent changes to the carriers’ schedules make it critical to have reliable data so you can provide the best possible solution for your customers. 

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Container Lines

14 Jun 2019
Changing ship designs will fail to reach global emissions reductions targets without the widespread use of low-carbon fuels, the American Bureau of Shipping argues in its 2030 Outlook 2050 Vision report.
11 Jun 2019
There are plenty of reasons to expect another wave of front-loading, which in the second half of 2018 kept spot rates to the West Coast above $2,000 per FEU for 16 straight weeks and rates to the East Coast above $3,000 for 17 weeks.
04 Jun 2019
Peak-season imports could be as much as 15 percent lower than last year's peak season, but BCOs should not expect spot rates to decline significantly because carriers will manage capacity through blank sailings.
03 Jun 2019
After years of undercutting each other on rates to gain market share and the resulting waves of consolidation, large container carriers seem to have come to a realization that they will sink or swim together.

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Port News

10 Jun 2019
US farmers are finding new markets outside of China, but a shortage of direct container services to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets could limit growth.
21 May 2019
India and Afghanistan are considering offering concessions on transport costs to reinvigorate containerized trade between the two countries via Iran’s Chabahar port.
Growth in containerized port volumes in Mexico outpaced those of US Ports in 2018
06 May 2019
Thanks to the country’s strong manufacturing sector and reasonable economic growth, the increase in cargo handled by Mexico’s ports outpaced that of both the US and Canada in 2018.
18 Apr 2019
Declines in the Asia-North Europe and intra-European trades were more than offset by growing demand for feeder and transshipment services at Europe’s largest port.
14 Mar 2019
If Italy signs up to Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative as expected, it will open the way for Trieste to become China's gateway to southern Europe.
Port of Los Angeles.
09 Jan 2019
Competitors demonstrate that West Coast ports need to efficiently transfer containers to trucks and trains, as well ship-to-port, to retain shipper business.