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Rising fuel costs amplify US truck, intermodal price pressure 20 Feb 2018
ELD rule pressuring tertiary port warehousing markets 20 Feb 2018
New service to directly connect Brazil, Colombia to Asia 20 Feb 2018
US trucking firms rethink pay to recruit drivers 20 Feb 2018
Chittagong seeks shipper tariff rate hike to fund port upgrades 20 Feb 2018
Maersk envisions being a ‘one-stop shipper shop’ 20 Feb 2018
NYSHEX adds carrier, BCO executives to board 20 Feb 2018
Lack of rail support complicates PSA operations at JNPT 20 Feb 2018
Amid negotiations, NAFTA shippers face six scenarios 19 Feb 2018
New group of Med ports to tackle port and trade challenges 19 Feb 2018
Analysis: Private US domestic intermodal fleets outperform rail-owned 19 Feb 2018
APL expands premium service to 29 Asian ports 19 Feb 2018
INTTRA sees active role in future visibility pipeline 16 Feb 2018
Chinese retail giant takes domestic delivery to the rails 16 Feb 2018
Port Tampa Bay cold storage facility receives first cargo 16 Feb 2018
John Griffith, container shipping pioneer, dies at 92 16 Feb 2018
Overcapacity, costlier trucking frame trans-Pac contract talks 16 Feb 2018
ELD mandate delaying US truck shipments 16 Feb 2018
UK waste exporters in crisis because of China ban 16 Feb 2018
Carriers seeking competitive edge leads to more JNPT reshuffling 16 Feb 2018
US trucking groups seek more-flexible driver work rules 15 Feb 2018
Pasha Hawaii ends Jones Act ship’s Puerto Rico deployment 15 Feb 2018
NY-NJ’s PNC Terminal tests fee-for-early-slot program 15 Feb 2018
Chassis provider looks to ‘Digital DCLI’ for growth 15 Feb 2018
Cosco-OOCL set to become top US import carrier 15 Feb 2018
Audit firms zero in on freight delivery reliability 15 Feb 2018
Rotterdam still Europe’s top port despite Antwerp record 15 Feb 2018
US LTL trucking firms plan expansions, higher rates 14 Feb 2018
Crowley moves first cargo under $2.3 billion US defense contract 14 Feb 2018
Trump proposes cutting harbor maintenance tax rate 14 Feb 2018