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Target tightens inbound supply chain to slash stock-outs 23 Aug 2016
Top Indian port ushers in new era of funding for public ports 23 Aug 2016
Pasha car carrier service revives idle San Francisco pier 23 Aug 2016
Brazil to launch global trade push starting in Argentina 23 Aug 2016
Hanjin liquidity plan expected Thursday 23 Aug 2016
US Coast Guard issues final rule for TWIC readers 23 Aug 2016
US shippers, trucking group locked in bill of lading battle 23 Aug 2016
LA-LB terminals scrap uniform chassis fee 23 Aug 2016
HPH Karachi terminal to challenge planned India transshipment ports 24 Aug 2016
Hapag-Lloyd reveals UASC losses ahead of merger vote 24 Aug 2016
China’s Zhuhai aims to double container traffic by 2020 24 Aug 2016
Container equipment prices hit record lows and still falling 24 Aug 2016
Cuba shipping gains unlikely in the short term 24 Aug 2016
Research highlights potential for Canadian inland ports 24 Aug 2016
ODFL warns truck capacity could buckle as soon as early 2017 24 Aug 2016
For-hire US truck tonnage rises at slowest pace so far this year 24 Aug 2016
US exporter confusion over China’s Zika rules persists 24 Aug 2016
Short-sea liners’ new vessels to cut emissions, costs 24 Aug 2016
US, aided by shippers, to mull new port productivity metrics 24 Aug 2016
El Faro ‘black box’ yields 26 hours of information 24 Aug 2016
Portus wins Army ammo contract, to use ILA labor 24 Aug 2016
New Zealand port ready for call by its largest container ship 25 Aug 2016
APL re-enters India-Europe trade 25 Aug 2016
Supply chain manager Li & Fung: Second half worst since 2008 25 Aug 2016
Hanjin submits plan to raise cash, may sell more assets 25 Aug 2016
10 things shippers need to know about US trucking market 25 Aug 2016
Venezuela container trade finds new low 25 Aug 2016
Long Beach emissions plan back on track after West Coast crisis setback 25 Aug 2016
Two new container services to connect Asia, India subcontinent 25 Aug 2016
Regulatory questions to Ocean Alliance highlight lack of service details 25 Aug 2016