U.S. efforts to negotiate new commercial accords with Western Europe and Japan are long overdue. But
THE TRAGIC BLOOD BATH that quashed Haitians' hopes of electing their first democratic government in
IT'S HARD TO THINK of a duller subject than tariff classifications. It's a subject so dull Congress
Cargo Preference

Report CorrectedThe Nov. 23, 1987 issue of The Journal of Commerce reports
Congressman Mickey Leland, D-Texas, recently introduced in the House of Representatives the most sen
BELFAST, Northern Ireland - If U.S. politicians were writing a book titled ''How to Lose Friends and
If you would like to become more knowledgeable about Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev and what he
Gary N. Horlick wrote the article headlined Trade Barriers Spur Investment," which appeared on this
THEY TOOK TOO LONG, and blew a perfect opportunity for more dramatic action, but the economic summit
WHEN WORLD TRADE CENTERS began appearing on the scene 40 years ago, they provided a fresh approach t
A recent (Nov. 17) article on problems of the Philadelphia port contained a sweeping indictment supp
SOME U.S. INDUSTRIES are worried about Brazilian counter-reprisals, if the United States hikes tarif
JOE HUMPHREY, transportation manager of Gold Circle Stores in Worthington, Ohio, offers good advice
WITH BUDGET CUTTERS in Washington expending much of their political capital these days, this is no t