As I sat with our Washington transportation reporters around the the dark mahogany table in the spac
During the 1970s it was fashionable for economists to construct econometric models of the electoral
THE RISK that a protectionist trade bill could be a millstone around the neck of the Democratic Part
ATLANTA'S CITY-OWNED golf courses are operated by private businesses these days. Its tennis courts a
CAN THE MARKET really make the nation's expensive auto insurance system cheaper?

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Proxmire Draws Fire

For Maritime ViewsSen. William Proxmire recently authored a widely circu
I'm still not sure what qualified me for the New York Financial Writers Association's annual Elliot
Critics of federal economic regulation of motor carriers recognize that the Interstate Commerce Comm
WHEN THEY MET in Acapulco at the end of last month, the presidents of Mexico and seven South America
THE DEPARTMENT of Justice's trust-busters have confounded the critics once again. By petitioning the
It may seem a long way from the missile treaty that President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorba
Many problems exist for exporters. A few years ago, the high U.S. dollar was blamed. Today, exporter
U.S. corporations, already spending over $15 billion annually on housing benefits to recruit and rel
THIS NEWSPAPER, like many others, frequently reports on the barriers faced by U.S. companies that wi