The chairman of the board (Gorbachev, that is, not Sinatra) came to Washington last week. As expecte
IF ECONOMIC FORECASTING can be characterized as gazing into a crystal ball, the current dilemma for
Everything has to come from someplace - and, according to the Customs laws of the United States, eve
ONE LOOK IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR on a rainy day is enough to convince most Americans that tractor-tr
MIKHAIL GORBACHEV sure made a hit on his visit to Washington last week - pressing the flesh on Conne
Clearing the Air

On Oil Export PlanIn your editorial, "Why Limit Oil Exports?" (Nov. 16), yo
The Soviet Union is involved in a two-pronged offensive. While Moscow woos Washington in hopes of fu
It seems as though federal budget deficits, like some fiscal Methuselah, have been around for a mill
IMPORT PREFERENCES for developing countries are a good idea gone wrong.

The original concept
EVERY TIME THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE tries to economize, it runs into trouble: No one wants his local
As I sat with our Washington transportation reporters around the the dark mahogany table in the spac
During the 1970s it was fashionable for economists to construct econometric models of the electoral
THE RISK that a protectionist trade bill could be a millstone around the neck of the Democratic Part
ATLANTA'S CITY-OWNED golf courses are operated by private businesses these days. Its tennis courts a