COVID-19 further complicates truck driver classification debate

California Trucking Association executive told JOC webcast last week that the issue of driver classification will continue to be the focus of legislation at the state level and is becoming even more complex even as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California is expected to rule on AB5 this summer.

China-Europe air cargo rates hit new highs on medical demand

A shortage of protective medical equipment and limited air cargo capacity to supply hospitals is ramping up China-Europe air freight prices.

High debt levels leave container lines exposed

The impact of the coronavirus on container shipping finances continues to grow, and with collapsing demand come questions on whether all the debt-strapped global carriers can survive losses of up to $23 billion.

European shippers scramble to store unneeded imports

Non-essential shipments face being left at the docks with goods unable to be sold at shuttered retail stores, with little space in terminals and warehouses to provide longer term storage for the incoming cargo.

JOC Rankings: US trucking revenue growth slams on the brakes

The 50 largest US trucking operators in the United States saw revenue growth throttle back considerably in 2019, but 2020 is shaping up to be even worse.
Top 50 Trucking Companies 2019

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TPM20 may have been canceled because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, but is presenting some of the major sessions from the TPM20 program in a series of half-day webcasts available for anyone.
Ports, terminal operators, the ILWU, truckers, and warehouse operators say they are complying with state and local health restrictions liked to COVID-19 while still handling cargo volumes.
Although the economy had a fairly good head of steam coming into the crisis, its heavy reliance on the consumer will make it particularly vulnerable to the pullback in consumer spending that will result from the changes wrought by the coronavirus.
Airlines are using their empty passenger aircraft as cargo planes amid widening COVID-19 travel bans across the globe that have cut huge amounts of belly cargo from service.
BCOs, trucking groups, and transportation intermediaries urge the Federal Maritime Commission to adopt its proposed rule to provide shipping lines guidance as to when they should be able to charge detention and demurrage fees.