Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation will expand across the entire port their pilot program to establish a single electronic platform through which port users can share shipment information in a secure environment.

Log-In Logistica is reeling following the loss of 47 containers into the sea and a decline in volumes in the second quarter.

The dispute focuses on efforts to modernize the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The $95 million sale of cold-chain specialist Unitrans follows months of consolidation and rebranding at the multimodal transport operator.

Container throughput at the world's major ports was up sharply in the first half, driven by rising volume being reported by carriers.

After the new yard’s scheduled opening next July, the port authority will take over TLT’s current 14-acre site.

The stagnant traffic was also due to the delay in deepening the river Elbe.

The increase in earnings was driven mainly by higher freight traffic on North Sea and Baltic Sea routes.

The idle container ship fleet has crept slightly higher.

The fastest-growing LTL carriers in 2016 were far from the largest.