Since March, parcel giant UPS has shifted at least some of its cargo from CSX to NS.

“Trade volumes between Qatar and Turkey have significantly increased over the past few months.”

Shippers are not worried about the higher rates.

The site, known as Parcel 14, is part of the port’s effort to expand its container and vehicle shipment business.

The wake-up call to the cost of unsustainably priced freight sent by the demise of Hanjin Shipping may be short-lived.

The landscape at many ports is changing rapidly.

Coastal cooperation with domestic peers could be a major driver of that liner turnaround.

US and Mexican Customs officials at a KCS-built facility will work to speed growing cross-border rail traffic at Laredo.

The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has doubled the penalty for containers kept in its yards past free time.

Copenhagen-based Maersk has been seeking to reduce its exposure to the energy market.