Executive Director Roger Guenther discusses investment under way at the Port of Houston to stay ahead of the demand curve, including an $80 million harbor/channel deepening/widening project to handle larger ships and making quick truck-turnaround times a priority.
Elizabeth Finch, FedEx Trade Networks’ Vice President of Global Business Development, discusses the necessity of real-time visibility of goods, on an SKU level, earlier in the supply chain, specifically information around a mistake or kink in the process.
Ron Joseph, Senior Vice President and COO of Direct ChassisLink Inc. on the current needs of chassis customers and the recent launch of a “pool of pools” concept that allows for interoperability between the three major chassis operators.
President and CEO Mark Laufer on the need for a paradigm shift in the culture of the shipping industry and what needs to happen to repair the damage caused by 2014’s West Coast port dispute.
DB Schenker’s Joshua Bowen discusses achieving financial health amid market fluctuations, and the key to evolving with customers growing expectations of a service provider, with JOC Editor Alessandra Barrett at the Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference in March 2015.