Maersk Line India in a trade advisory said the one-stop freight link from cargo origins is more economical and reliable than air cargo transportation.

Alibaba has built another link with carriers to provide online members greater control of the ocean shipping process.

FedEx, undecided about whether to follow UPS in imposing holiday season surcharges, is talking with volume customers on pricing. Best advice: Avoid last-minute shipping.

Union Pacific brings domestic intermodal rail to the ICTF near LA-LB ports.

Volatility in the shipping line industry will continue, and the expectation is that more consolidation is ahead, said Dr. Noel Hacegaba, the Port of Long Beach's chief commercial officer.

The new service will join a US Gulf-West Africa service that UAL has operated for 25 years.

Rumors surrounding a Cosco-OOCL tie-up refuse to go away.

The East Hope Group is a formidable aluminium producer, with some 150 subsidiaries and 24,000 employees.

Maersk currently has 18 Rickmers vessels in its fleet.

Germany’s second-largest container carrier after Hapag-Lloyd boosted traffic by 7.2 percent.