There is still debate headed into the 17th Annual TPM Conference this year as to the strength of the trans-Pacific market. But what seems undeniable is a growing sense that the container market has begun to recover. The new era ushered in last year could be one of higher prices.
The peak season e-commerce volumes of one year have become the “new normal” for the subsequent year.


What does the freight and shipping industry need from Washington?

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The various data sets collected via third-party sources and from sources within IHS Maritime & Trade, the parent of, will allow you to make informed business decisions by analyzing up-to-date data on pricing, freight volume and service reliability. All of the six Market Data categories are updated weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the data set.  Find more information on how to read or utilize the data by reviewing our Frequently Asked questions.

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Think outside the "text box" with infographics and slideshows that detail the industry's biggest challenges and opportunities, from the fastest growing U.S. ports to the impact of recent carrier alliances.

Slideshow: Four ways shippers can protect from another Hanjin
Infographic: US truck logging device rule 101
ILA-USMX labor negotiations timeline

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