Road from Southeast Asia to China and rail on to Poland — another service option as the overland route between Asia and Europe grows in popularity.

The successful bidder will be obliged to invest 180 million euros in the port over seven years.

Vadodara is an intersection of Indian rail routes and a major industrial and manufacturing location.

The April 1 rate increases will coincide with the launch of the new alliances and the closing out of BCO contracting season.

US West Coast ports focus on operational improvements.

A gale of change is blowing in the wind energy industry, a growing market that’s a project cargo mainstay.

The same legislation was introduced once before without ever making it out of the Senate.

Trailer Bridge is developing a new niche with 53-foot containers on a twice-weekly service to Santo Domingo

Steady slide in eastbound Pacific spot rates should be coming to an end.

An infusion of capital from a stock offering would help Schneider expand services, update equipment, and acquire companies.