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Peter Tirschwell, Executive Vice President/Chief Content Officer
Peter Tirschwell is Executive Vice President and Chief Content officer for the JOC Group Inc., publisher of The Journal of Commerce, JOC.Com and PIERS maritime trade data. In his role he is responsible for all content appearing in JOC Group publications, websites, events and other products and is leading a pioneering effort at the JOC Group to push content in new directions to unlock new value for JOC subscribers. A career transportation journalist, Peter was a reporter, West Coast Bureau Chief, Editor in Chief and Publisher of The Journal of Commerce in his 20+ year career with the company beginning in 1992. He is the founder and chairman of the annual TPM conference in Long Beach, Calif., one of the world’s largest shipping events, and led the development of the recently released JOC Port Productivity data, the first global database of port performance. He writes a regular column in the Journal of Commerce covering a range of international logistics topics, speaks regularly at industry events and has been quoted in mainstream business media including the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and New York Times. JOC Group is a unit of Electra plc, a UK-based private equity firm. He lives in Brooklyn with his family and is an avid sports fan, fly fisherman and sailor.
Chris Brooks, Executive Editor, JOC
Chris Brooks is Executive Editor at the JOC Group Inc. and oversees editorial content in The Journal of Commerce, JOC Events programs and works closely with the online team focusing on A 30-year company veteran, Chris’s career has spanned every aspect of the editorial operation, from copy and front-line editing to design, reporting and overseeing numerous websites. For the better part of the last decade, he has managed the day-to-day editorial operation, including its team of award-winning journalists. He also oversees the magazine's 100-plus special reports a year, including the Annual Review and Outlook and Top 100 Importers and Exporters issues. Chris chairs the programming committees for JOC Inland Distribution and Port Performance-North America conferences and oversees the JOC Group’s editorially driven series of webinars. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, Pa.
Mark Szakonyi, Associate Managing Editor, JOC
Mark Szakonyi, Associate Managing Editor, JOC Group Inc., edits and writes stories about various shipping and logistics issues for, The Journal of Commerce magazine and JOC Events. Based out of the company's Washington D.C. bureau, he regularly covers national transportation issues as they are debated in Congress and various agencies, including the Federal Maritime Commission. He also reports on intermodal rail, trucking, customs, cross-border transport, sourcing, industrial real estate, and ocean shipping.
Peter Leach, Senior Editor, JOC
Peter Leach, Senior Editor, Trans-Atlantic, JOC Group Inc., and is responsible for coverage of container shipping lines, East and Gulf Coast ports and their container trades for, The Journal of Commerce magazine and JOC Events. He has worked for the JOC Group Inc. in two different stints since 1973, when he joined what was then a daily newspaper as a foreign trade reporter. He was the Editor-in-Chief in 1978-1981 when Knight-Ridder Newspapers transferred him to The Philadelphia Inquirer. He rejoined the JOC in 2004 after writing the 175th anniversary history of its founding by Samuel F.B. Morse and Arthur Tappan in 1827. During his 20-year absence from the JOC, his experience includes positions as Chief Operating Officer of VU/TEXT Information Services, Knight-Ridder’s first venture into electronic publishing; Vice President of New Media for American Bank-Bond Buyer; Chief Operating Officer of UPI in Washington and Editor of IBM’s corporate magazine, Think Leadership. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where he earned a BA in history. Leach regularly speaks to industry groups on his areas of expertise.
Joseph Bonney, Senior Editor, JOC
Joseph Bonney is Senior Editor, Finance and Economics, JOC Group Inc and his news and analysis appears on, The Journal of Commerce magazine and JOC Events. During the last 15 years he has served in posts including columnist, managing editor and editor-in-chief at The Journal of Commerce. During the 1980s he spent five years as the company’s Gulf Coast correspondent and maritime editor. During his journalism career he also has been managing editor of American Shipper, newsman with the Associated Press and reporter and business editor at The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi. He is co-author of "The Box That Changed the World," a history of containerized shipping published in 2006. Bonney regularly speaks to industry groups on his areas of expertise.
William B Cassidy, Senior Editor, JOC
Bill Cassidy is Senior Editor, Trucking at the JOC Group Inc., and his news and analysis of this area are included in the, The Journal of Commerce and JOC Events. He joined the publication in 2009, after 13 years at Traffic World magazine where he served as Executive Editor, Managing Editor and Associate Editor. Based in Washington, D.C., Cassidy has been reporting on trucking since 1984, when he joined Fleet Owner magazine in New York. He has also covered logistics management and supply-chain technology, the rail and maritime industries, Congress and federal agencies. Cassidy regularly speaks to industry groups on his area of expertise.
Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor, JOC
Bill Mongelluzzo is Senior Editor, Trans-Pacific at the JOC Group Inc., based in Long Beach, Calif. He is responsible for coverage of the trans-Pacific trades, West Coast labor issues, harbor trucking, West Coast ports and marine terminal productivity for, The Journal of Commerce magazine and JOC Events. Mongelluzzo joined The Journal of Commerce in 1980 as New Orleans correspondent. He moved to Long Beach in 1985 and opened the Los Angeles-Long Beach bureau. He served as maritime editor of The Journal of Commerce in New York in 1992-93 and returned to Southern California in August 1993. Mongelluzzo began his journalism career in 1972 as a reporter with the Times-Picayune in New Orleans. He is a native of Chicago and has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and a master's degree in history from the University of New Orleans. Mongelluzzo regularly speaks to industry groups on his areas of expertise.
Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Asia, JOC 
Greg Knowler is Senior Editor Asia at the JOC Group Inc., based in Hong Kong. He is responsible for coverage of transport and logistics in the Asia-Pacific region for and The Journal of Commerce magazine, and plays a key role in setting up the annual TPM Asia conference in Shenzhen, organised by JOC Events. After 11-years as a reporter and editor for several daily newspapers in Durban, South Africa, he moved to Hong Kong in 2000 to join the South China Morning Post sports department before becoming editor of Cargonews Asia, a regional logistics magazine. In early 2014 he joined the JOG Group. A South African native, he moderates at industry conferences and shipper round tables while bringing context to the news coverage and analysis crucial for shippers in Asia-Pacific.
Marsha Salisbury, Research Editor, JOC As research editor for the JOC Group Inc., Marsha Salisbury has a pulse on the vast majority of data that flows through the company’s content outlets. She works closely with sister company PIERS to develop multiple reports and analyze trends coming out of PIERS’ industry-leading database, including The Top 100 Importers and Exporters rankings, the quarterly Top 40 Container Carriers, the annual Top 50 Global Container Ports, and regional reports on East, West and Gulf ports. She also develops The Journal of Commerce magazine’s By the Numbers section — a collection of critical data elements across the JOC’s areas of coverage — and produces quarterly reports ranking U.S. Container Ports and Container Carriers operating in the U.S. trades.

Marsha joined the JOC in 1995 as manager of marketing and sales administration and has held positions related to JOC Events and promotion. Prior to joining the JOC, she held marketing positions with Kerr Steamship, Neptune Orient Lines and NYK Line.




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