Eastern Inspection

Grounds 5 AircraftAfter one day of a planned 30-day inspection of Eastern Airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration reported Thursday the carrier removed five aircraft from service at the agency's strong suggestion.

Three of the aircraft, all McDonnell Douglas DC-9s, were removed from service because inspectors discovered leaking fuel systems. The other two, both Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. 727s, were grounded for other reasons, one for a cut tire and the other because cabin emergency escape lighting was partially covered by carpeting.

The FAA said it completed 59 aircraft checks on the Eastern fleet in the first 25 hours of the inspection, which began Wednesday afternoon. There was some duplication; one aircraft was inspected three times.

It also reported a number of Eastern flight delays to accommodate minor fixes but an FAA spokesman did not have an exact figure on the delays.

Soviets Reportedly End

Commercial Whaling

MOSCOW - The Soviet Union has followed up on informal pledges and officially notified the United States that it has stopped commercial whaling, U.S. Commerce Secretary C. William Verity said Thursday.

The Soviets announced in 1985 that they would stop commercial whaling and an official of the Ministry of the Fishing Industry confirmed it to reporters in May. But it was unclear whether the Soviet Union would continue limited whaling for scientific purposes.

The International Whaling Commission, to which the Soviet Union belongs, agreed in 1982 to a moratorium on commercial whaling beginning in 1986 to give whale stocks a chance to recover from severe cuts. The Soviet Union, Japan and Norway objected.

Crop Yields Increase

In Soviet Ukraine

MOSCOW - Crop yields in the Soviet Ukraine have increased despite the Chernobyl nuclear accident two years ago, Tass reported Thursday.

The official news agency said the April 26, 1986, disaster caused no irreparable damage to the region's agriculture.