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 Background: A global brand that is involved in retail, entertainment, manufacturing, and distribution.

Challenges: The global company was managing its entire supply chain through spreadsheets for years. The supply chain is the backbone of business operations. So, the company must know all the activities happening in the supply chain to make sure it is working the way it should. Unfortunately, by using manual spreadsheets, the business didn’t have complete visibility over its supply chain and as a result, the company had challenges accurately monitoring its operations.



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COVID-19 and the supply chain inflection point.

TruDoss LLC on how companies of all sizes can use the Covid-19 crisis to re-design their supply chains for success in the decade ahead.


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Supply chain security is an ongoing and ever-evolving process, requiring active risk mitigation and management. Discovering security-related trends, addressing them before they become a true risk, and dealing with unavoidable real-time situations effectively allows you to manage your supply chain’s security.

This whitepaper offers a breakdown of how to:

-          Understand exactly what’s at risk

-          Examine physical supply chain threats

-          Evaluate supply chain security & mitigating risks

-          Digitize the supply chain for improved security


Download the whitepaper to help redefine your supply chain’s security.



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Customer expectations for visibility and reliability in supply chains have increased substantially over the past decade, and static systems are no longer sufficient to keep up with the growing demand.
Winning companies understand that their supply chains are complex, always evolving systems that require a Continuous Delivery Experience. How does a Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) work? Download the CDX Whitepaper to learn the value and ROI now »

        Gain useful insights with a continuous approach to data cleansing & reconciliation.

        Improve Delivery with optimized logistics, exception monitoring, and agile planning.

        Streamline Experience to keep teams aligned, partners in the know, and customers happy.

        Stay ahead of growing customer expectations to grow revenue and protect margins.

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At the start of April, America’s Strategic National Stockpile of emergency supplies was almost nonexistent. According to reports, when it was running frighteningly low, containing only about 9,000 ventilatorsii, New York state alone needed an additional 37,000 ventilators.

The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the undeniable connection between our healthcare quality and a fastmoving supply chain. From production to palette placement to product delivery - every mile forward is critical and interconnected - like a heartbeat.  To read more or download please click on the button below.



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Today, global trade is a world of exceptions, hindering margin and growth. Current technologies have not resolved the myriad issues of getting products to destination, on-time and profitably. As a result, many innovators have held off on tech investments or tried to do it themselves, without good results. The complexity and scale of modern international trade require a “new way” – one that is powered by advanced technology and machine learning. Learn more about the new tech that top commodity merchants and traders are using to compete and win in the future >>