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On time in full (OTIF) might just be the four most important words associated with any supply chain.
OTIF delivery is the goal of any shipper and retailer… and end customer, for that matter: to have products arrive on time and in full. Anything less could bring dire consequences, such as entire truckloads of rotten perishables. Damaged shipments that could cost millions in losses, as evidenced by cases and cases of Covid vaccines that were deemed unusable after exceeding acceptable temperature variances. Freight being turned away due to tardiness — or for arriving too early. Any or all of which could lead to lost revenue, angry customers, significant fines, or even legal action. To read more click on the download buttom below.
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Traditionally when shippers negotiated their ocean contracts, the question looming over their heads was: “What is going to happen with rates this year?” 
Price will always be an important part of any supply chain decision, but many shippers might not realize the hidden costs associated with underperforming contracts and the compounding impact it can have on their business downstream.  
Download our latest guide where we surveyed 10 supply chain executives to understand the true cost associated with underperforming contracts and strategies that BCO’s can use to optimize their contracts for both reliability and cost.  
In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 
  • The average contract compliance rate of the 10 BCOs and how the lack of performance impacted transportation and inventory carrying costs 
  • Strategies to prioritize your network for both reliability and cost 
  • A free excel template to help you decide the right mix of ocean contracts to optimize your network 


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Want a more resilient supply chain in 2022?

If you want to avoid disruptions in 2022, mini-bidding is a sure-fire way to increase resilience in your freight procurement strategy. This strategy allows you to adapt to market changes quickly and get the best prices possible at that moment.

In this eBook, discover how a mini-bid strategy can help you reach your freight procurement goals and make it out of 2022 unscathed.

Download it to learn...

✓ How mini-bidding helps you adapt to market change

✓ The best tech for mini-bid strategies

✓ How to implement mini-bidding in your team.

Plus – Read the exclusive case study from Europe’s leading agricultural manufacturer.



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Managing logistics in-house and outsourcing both have advantages, but what’s right for your company is unique.


TransImpact gets right to the answers you need to decide how much or how little outsourcing will help your shipping function in the eBook: In-house Logistics or Outsourced — Which Is the Better Choice for You?


By the way, outsourcing doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In this eBook you’ll learn about the many benefits (and limitations) of outsourcing and the questions to ask when it comes to the three areas we feel are most important to consider: people, technology, and carrier partners.

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Access the Xeneta Q1 2022 Ocean Shipping Deep Dive Report and get an overview of the major developments in the container shipping market. The report will help you stay abreast of key macro-economic events to foresee potential risks and plan your ocean freight procurement accordingly.

Things you will learn from this report:

· How rising consumer prices affect container pricing

· Carrier tactics to secure extra capacity

· Container shipping demand trends

· And more...




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Taking back control of your parcel operations and shipping costs starts with a clear understanding of the current rate landscape. The next step is finding the proper support and data-analytics tools to take meaningful action. 

Getting and Keeping Your Parcel Operations On Track In 2022 delivers the latest information to help with both, so companies can develop a current picture of their costs and a data-centric/ BI-based strategy for moving forward.

You will learn about:

  *  The current fees and surcharges in place right now, including a breakdown of the 2022 UPS and FedEx GRIs.

   *  Why a focus on data and using Business Intelligence is necessary to an efficient parcel shipping operation.

   *  What to look for in a BI platform to ensure it delivers the results and actionable insights your company needs.



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Because each organization is unique, our latest eBook takes a detailed look at each of the aspects you need to consider while deciding whether to outsource or insource your maritime transportation operations.

 Discover "Insourcing or Outsourcing Ocean Operations? How Shippers Can Make an Informed Decision", a useful tool to help you make the right choice, fitting with your company characteristics like shipping volume business objectives, operational procedures to cost-effectiveness, human resource capacity, IT maturity and more.



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Want to step into the future of freight procurement?

Supply chain analysts predict autonomous digital platforms will manage the full freight procurement cycle by 2030!

So, what exactly is autonomous freight procurement? And why should you make it part of your strategy now?

This whitepaper has everything you need to know to prepare for an autonomous world.

Download it to learn:

✓ The journey of autonomous logistics technology

✓ The 4 signs your team will benefit from procurement automation

✓ How to implement autonomous technology in your procurement strategy.



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Connection does not translate into collaboration. Information overwhelms the individual and remains stuck in proliferating silos throughout companies. A recent JOC survey revealed the scope of this roadblock and the degree to which this has worsened since 2020. This white paper examines the findings, including where the industry can rethink internal collaboration processes to create space for innovation.



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Real-time shipment visibility has been a supply chain asset for years, but its true potential to drive massive improvements lies in combining such data with relevant business context to improve decision-making. A recent survey conducted by The Journal of Commerce indicates that shippers, third-party logistics providers, and other supply chain practitioners have broad expectations but narrow usage when it comes to visibility technology. 


Download the JOC whitepaper detailing these findings

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After living and working in unprecedented times for nearly two years, no one is surprised to hear the 2021 peak season will be challenging. The constant disruptions have rattled the logistics industry to its core, creating a domino eect impacting everything from capacity to driver shortages to port closures to containers sitting in terminals for months on end. Last year’s peak season introduced a number of problems, such as increased rates and shipping delays, shrinking profit margins, and upset consumers across the globe.  

Click Here to read more



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Supply chain control towers offer deep visibility into the flow of goods, allow for streamlined collaboration with trading partners, and help supply chain professionals to sense disruptions before they occur so they can make proactive decisions.

Download the eBook today to learn how a control tower can help positively transform your supply chain.



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Increase eCommerce revenue and decrease warehousing costs with programmatic logistics.

Flexe teamed up with Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the impact a programmatic approach to logistics has on enterprise organizations. As a provider of programmatic logistics to the Fortune 500, Flexe brings deep logistics expertise and groundbreaking solutions to even the most complex supply chains.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drive 119% ROI with Flexe Logistics Programs
  • Decrease warehousing costs by 12%
  • Reduce final-mile transportation cost by 10%
  • Increase eCommerce revenue by 20%

Download the Forrester Research TEI study that examines the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises realize by deploying Flexe Logistics Programs.


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Are freight forwarders holding small and midsize businesses back? With global trade back on the move, the need for innovation in the freight industry has never been more apparent.

Ship4wd, a new digital-first innovator in the freight forwarding market, has surveyed hundreds of importers, exporters, and company stakeholders to identify why freight has stalled and what’s needed to put control back in SMBs’ hands. Download this whitepaper now to find out:


• What’s causing costly shipping inefficiencies

• How to reduce complexity and increase flexibility

• The business case for a digital-first solution


Fill in the form and get your free copy now

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The global economy has changed forever. As freight prices and demand soar, you’ll need an innovative payment solution that can keep up with your growth. That’s where Melio comes in.

You need a reliable, secure business payment solution that scales with you. Melio is built for businesses like yours. Melio gives you a flexible way to pay and get paid. You pay how you want, your vendor gets paid how they want.

Melio is the innovative solution set to help businesses succeed beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Want to know more?

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Online retail sales jumped 40% from 2019 to 2020 amidst significant supply chain disruption, marking a permanent shift in consumer buying behavior at a time when global supply chains are strained and slow. Now, many retailers are realizing their supply chain and sourcing operations are not flexible or resilient enough to support omnichannel fulfillment.



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As global markets continue to recover from the impact of the last 18 months, the global freight and shipping market itself is in the middle of a unique and challenging situation. All adding significant pressure and focus on global logistics players at a time of need.


At ECU Worldwide, our processes, services, and global infrastructure have allowed us to deliver innovative solutions to keep pace with growing global demands, even through the most challenging situations.



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To select the best platform for you, it’s essential to get these 15 questions answered first to make sure that it’s a solution that can scale with you, properly support you, and provide you with what you need to achieve your goals.
This ebook will give you the guidelines you need to make the best decision possible and the confidence you need to take the step to a more modern, efficient and secure supply chain.
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Supply chain and logistics teams are seeking ways to build robust transportation budgets to help their business to adapt to more pandemic headwinds.

While 2020 saw unprecedented market swings, capacity imbalances may continue as the recovery boosts some sectors more than others - making flexibility and contingency planning even more essential to your budgeting process.

As you refine your strategy, building variability into your budget can position your business for success. Download the DAT iQ budgeting eBook to learn how leading transportation and logistics teams are approaching variable budgets and implementing best practices to solve for uncertainty in 2021.

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It’s time to tackle yard waste – the sort of costly and time-consuming inefficiencies that happen at the loading and unloading docks at warehouses, distribution centers, retail outlets, and myriad facilities around the world that receive and send out goods. We’re talking bottlenecks that prevent smooth movement of trucks in and out, long lines for pick up or delivery, and unclear protocols that leave drivers and warehouse staff confused and frustrated.