Where to turn

Where to turn

The following are some of the leading U.S.-Africa Trade and Investment Resources:

Government agencies

_ BRAIN- The Business Referral and Information Center helps smaller businesses in South Africa link up with partners. It is run by the South African Department of Trade and Industry. www.brain.org.za/index.html

_ The Global Trade & Technology Network is a program of the U.S. Agency for International Development that helps small- and midsize companies identify trade and investment opportunities. For information about its programs in Africa, visit www.usgtn.net/region/africa

Non-Profit Associations

_ The Corporate Council on Africa. The CCA is the leading nonprofit association for promoting U.S.-Africa trade and investment. It manages the South Africa Business Linkage program and the West Africa Business Linkage program, which help match up African and U.S. companies in a range of sectors. Its forums introduce American companies to opportunities in Africa. CCA also publishes in-depth Country Profiles, investment guides to individual African countries, as well as monthly news reports. Visit: www.africacncl.org/. For a comprehensive list of links to Web sites with information and news about Africa, visit http://www.africacncl.org/Links/index.asp

_ Foundation for Democracy in Africa. This non-profit organization works with the CCA to promote democratic institutions in Africa. For information, and membership forms, visit http://democracy-africa.org/secondagoa.aspx

_ The American & African Business Women's Alliance promotes business contacts between women in Africa and the U.S. www.aabwa.com.

Online business networking

__The African Resources Center helps African businesses and their international counterparts "form lasting business partnerships for their business success." www.africanresourcescenter.com/

_ Mbendi. This Web site helps business people identify business opportunities in South Africa, especially in such sectors as automobiles, mining and energy. http://www.mbendi.co.za/

- Alan M. Field