The birth of Windows 2000 has generated a new wave of profit-motivated efforts by computer-book publishers.

Just scanning my shelves I see at least 15 tomes dedicated to making my life easier with the new operating system, ranging from highly technical to ''how to's'' for the inexperienced.Here's a quick synopsis.

Microsoft Press has become the source for technical publications for Microsoft products, especially for folks who want to take any of the Microsoft Certified Professional exams. These books include:

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Services'' ($59.95), 752 pages.

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 Server'' ($59.99), 1,088 pages.

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional'' ($59.99), 752 pages.

All of them come with compact disks containing hands-on exercises to prepare you for the exams, plus the complete course.

But Microsoft Press doesn't stop there. It also has a few titles for those of us who are more inclined to fear new operating systems.

All good - and written in such a way that even I can understand them. They include:

* ''Running Microsoft Windows 2000'' ($39.99), 944 pages.

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 at a Glance'' ($19.99), 336 pages.

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 Step by Step'' ($29.99), 304 pages.

''Step by Step'' is the ideal book for beginners, showing them how to get the most out of the operating system without the pain of trying to understand techno-jargon aimed at more experienced users. It comes with a compact disk that includes practice files to help you understand the lessons in the book.

''At a Glance'' is actually the Win 2000 manual translated into understandable English, offering hints and step-by-step directions to get your computer up and running with Win 2000. And ''Running Win 2000 Professional'' is geared toward the intermediate user.

MacMillan Computer Publishing, not wanting to be outdone, has climbed aboard the bandwagon with a slew of titles, all aimed at the beginning to intermediate user. Among them are:

* ''The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 2000 Professional'' by Paul McFedries ($19.99), Que Books, 392 pages.

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Unleashed'' by Chris Mill, Keith Powell, Ted Daley and Todd Brown ($49.99), Sams, 800 pages.

* ''Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Unleashed'' by Paul Cassel ($49.99), Sams, 944 pages.

* ''Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows 2000 Server'' by Peter Norton ($39.99), Sams, 672 pages.

* ''Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows 2000 Professional'' by John Mueller, Peter Norton and Richard Mansfield ($39.99), Sams, 960 pages.

* ''Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional'' by Robert Cowan ($39.99), Que, 1,536 pages.

* ''Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional in 24 Hours'' by Dan Gookin ($19.99), Sams, 432 pages.

Obviously this is only a glance at what two of the many computer-book publishers are doing. Sybex, Wiley and Prentice-Hall have all flooded store shelves with Win 2000 titles, all aimed at easing your move up to the new operating system.