Yellow''s ''Next-Day'' Accord

Yellow''s ''Next-Day'' Accord

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Yellow Transportation is moving closer to what Yellow Chairman, CEO and President Bill Zollars calls the "last piece of the puzzle" for its transport network: overnight service.

The LTL giant reached an agreement with the Teamsters union June 28 on how to roll out its "Next Day" service late this year. The new service will help Yellow compete in the overnight market and speed existing two- to three-day lanes.

It also advances Yellow''s plans to offer one-stop shopping to shippers and evolve from an LTL carrier into a global transportation services company. "Customers are trying to do more and more with fewer and fewer partners," Zollars told Traffic World in a recent interview. "They''re looking for carriers that have broader and broader capabilities.

"With Yellow Transportation, we''ve already got second-day, third-day, long-haul, expedited, international," Zollars said. "Next-day is the last piece in the puzzle. The changes in the union contract we negotiated in the last go-round gave us the opportunity to use one person to do unloading, loading and driving, which really is the last obstacle."

Yellow will debut its overnight service in the Northeast, creating 100 new Teamster jobs, Zollars said. The carrier will set up interlocking 500-mile regions to speed next-day freight. Yellow will expand the geographic scope of its service as it gains experience, Zollars said.