Agency to Consider

Driver ExemptionsTransportation Secretary James Burnley said the department would consider requests to exempt some classes of truck drivers from the agency's strict new licensing rules.

The department had come under fire from farmers and other groups that operate trucks over short distances, often as part of family businesses. New federal laws require all interstate commercial truck drivers to pass extensive written and knowledge tests to qualify for a license.

Mr. Burnley said the department would publish a formal notice within two weeks proposing the exemptions. The public would have then 30 days to comment.

Matlack Driver Wins

Place on Honor Team

WILMINGTON, Del. - A Matlack Inc. driver was selected as one of the eight outstanding truck drivers for America's Road Team. The team was developed by the American Trucking Associations to promote safe trucking and a better public image of truckers.

Larry Ripley, a Matlack trucker since 1970, was chosen over 100 other drivers for his driving record, (one million miles accident free) and his community service involvement, Matlack said.

Mr. Ripley, a professional driver for 24 years, is a four-time winner in the state truck driving championships in the tank truck class and has also won several awards in national truck driving competitions.

STS Seeks Review

Of Training Procedures

WASHINGTON - Superior Training Services said it asked the Professional Truck Driver Institute to review its curriculum and training procedures through its certification process.

The institute will review only the truck driver courses and not any other courses provided by STS.

Regardless of the outcome, STS said it would continue to support the institute's efforts to improve truck driver training through certification, said Kenneth Whittington, STS' president.

STS is presently accredited by the Washington, D.C.-based National Home Study Council and the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools.