States Shut Bridges, Roads as Sandy Nears

States Shut Bridges, Roads as Sandy Nears

Bridges and highways from Maryland to New England are closed as the region braces for the full impact of Hurricane Sandy Monday night.

Maryland shut down the Bay Bridge as well as a bridge that carries Interstate 95 across the Susquehanna River and New York closed the Tappan Zee Bridge due to high winds.

With several interstate highways closed or restricted throughout the region, and flash flood warnings across a broad area, travel is considered highly dangerous.

New Jersey Motor Truck Association President Gail Toth urged long-distance truckers to find a safe haven and "hunker down," though not along interstate highways.

In an interview on The Lockridge Report, a Sirius satellite radio program for truck drivers, Toth stressed the need for more emergency parking for truckers.

He also said truckers hauling relief supplies would be exempt from certain federal hours of service rules in the wake of the storm.

On the program, JOC Senior Editor William Cassidy stressed that road closings in multiple states would make travel very difficult and dangerous.

Several sections of interstate highway in Pennsylvania, a major trucking corridor, were restricted or closed as the storm worsened.

Most trucking companies in the region have either closed their terminals or limited operations until the storm passes through sometime late Tuesday.

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