When a courier for DHL Worldwide Express saw a mother duck and three ducklings in the middle of a service road of an interstate highway, she pulled over and tried to shoo them out of danger.

Even though morning traffic zoomed by inches away, the mother duck wouldn't budge.And then courier Leigh Herring discovered the sewer grate in the road. The grate had holes large enough for duckings to fall through and sure enough, down in the storm sewer were 14 confused baby ducks.

Ms. Herring tried to open the grate, but it was too heavy and she stood helpless in the middle of road.

Then help, in the form of a big red fire truck, rounded the bend. The truck carried four firemen on their way to a training exercise. But they stopped when Ms. Herring flagged them down.

After the situation was explained to them, they did what any good fire fighters would do. They went back to their truck and got some tools.

One fireman lifted the grate and a second clambered down into the sewer and began passing the duckings up. Twenty minutes later, the mother duck left the scene, 15 ducklings in tow, headed into a grassy area.

Ms. Herring continued her deliveries. The firemen departed for their training exercise. But nobody can say they hadn't proven their skills as a quack rescue team.