NASSTRAC Multiplier Effect

NASSTRAC Multiplier Effect

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The National Small Shipments Traffic Conference, in a significant change to its dues structure, is making it easier to attract multiple officials from the same company.

Under the new structure, organizations can enlist multiple individual employees as part of their membership - based upon the global annual sales of the parent company - at no additional cost. Historically, NASSTRAC membership included only one individual per corporate membership, with an additional cost per employee. "The goal of this new dues structure is to make the value, resources, products and services of the association readily available to more individuals in each of our member organizations," said Brian Everett, NASSTRAC executive director.

The dues also include what Everett called "very modest" increases, adding up to about $100 more per year. NASSTRAC membership is now about 300 companies. Everett said he could "easily double or triple" individual membership size through this program.

"We want to encourage new members as well," he said. "But this gives us an immediate influx of individual members that we want to engage into NASSTRAC."

NASSTRAC recently named Terri Ferraro its member of year. Ferraro is manager of transportation/operations for Fiskars Brands and a member of NASSTRAC since 1990 and a member of its executive committee since 1992. She is chair of the board of directors. NASSTRAC also announced that Doug Duncan, president and CEO of FedEx Freight, is associate member of the year.