Let Them Pay Tolls

Let Them Pay Tolls

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Delivery trucks from a popular Cherry Hill, N.J., bakery are going to have to start shelling out some real dough after crossing between New Jersey and Pennsylvania 1,132 times in the past year without paying tolls, authorities said.

The ride, it appears, no longer will be a piece of cake. Authorities burned by the scam say they''re tired of just getting crumbs from this fleet.

Michael B. Dolin, owner of Classic Baking, was charged with theft by deception. Dolin was notified repeatedly that his drivers were going through E-ZPass lanes without valid E-ZPass accounts. But according to Camden County Prosecutor Vincent P. Sarubbi, those vehicles never paid fines or penalties and the company never had its drivers amend their free-crossing habits.

Authorities seized seven trucks from the company and stored them in case officials decide to seek their forfeiture.

Classic Baking has been popular in Southern New Jersey for its cakes since it was founded in 1982. The bakery more recently became widely known as the business started by Carol Neulander, killed in 1994 by her husband, Rabbi Fred J. Neulander, who was convicted of murder. She sold the bakery before she was killed. It later was sold to a group including the Dolins.