How can truckers secure good flatbed loads?

How can truckers secure good flatbed loads?

There are many things needed to be successful in the trucking business, and finding good flatbed loads is one.

The morning is the best time of the day to start your search for a good flatbed load because that’s when the freight brokers are trying to connect clients with carriers. You will be able to choose between the flatbed loads that are available and pick those with the best quote. Cultivating a good relationship with your broker is also helpful as it might result in higher rates for your company.

Be sure to get clear information about the load and possible routing options so that truck drivers can be scheduled to make other stops within the same area, which will reduce wasted trips and costs.

Good drivers are also essential, so ensure your drivers maintain clean driving records and a good safety standing because this information is publicly available on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System. The ratings are based on the safety record of a company’s drivers, vehicles, and safety management system.

Another way to find good flatbed loads is going directly to shippers either through traditional means such as a sales staff or through one of the new software systems that match transportation companies to loads. Once you have a relationship with the right people, offer them initial perks that are hard to resist. Later, continue reminding them of the availability of your services with periodical promotions.

Once you have secured a load, you must ensure stellar customer service to retain customers. A knowledgeable and understanding customer service team is paramount.

One aspect of customer service is the added security you can give your client with insurance against possible damage. Many freight brokers require that their transportation partners have insurance, creating another reason to ensure that loads are insured.

A common thread running through your business from dispatchers to truckers and sales and customer service should be training and good communication. They need to know what is expected of them and a part of that is showing them how to handle various challenges while getting positive results.

The trucking business is like a jungle; only the strongest and most knowledgeable will survive.

George Jurica Magoci is the founder of Fueloyal, a fleet and fuel management software company.