TRAC Intermodal to form its own LA, Long Beach chassis pool

TRAC Intermodal to form its own LA, Long Beach chassis pool

TRAC Intermodal is forming its own chassis pool in Southern California, but the new entity will be added to the “pool of pools,” or neutral chassis arrangement, that was launched at the ports on March 1.  As a result, customers won’t experience any changes in their operations, the company said.

“Effective May 1, TRAC Intermodal is transferring its chassis currently contributed to the GACP (Grand Alliance Chassis Pool) and LABP (Los Angeles Basin Pool) chassis pools into our TPSP (Trans-Pacific Southwest Pool). The TPSP will then be added to the pool of pools,” the company stated in a release.

TRAC said its customers do not need to do anything differently than they have been doing since the gray chassis concept was launched on March 1. “Chassis will be available at all the same locations as they are today, and can be returned to all the same locations they are today,” the company stated.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the three major pool operators, Flexi-Van Leasing, Direct ChassisLink and TRAC, formed the pool of pools in order to improve efficiencies and minimize the nagging and costly split moves that were common in the port complex after shipping lines divested themselves of chassis. A split move occurs when the container and chassis must be delivered to different locations.

Barely a month old, the pool of pools arrangement is generally getting good reviews from harbor truckers. Bill Shea, CEO of DCLI, told the Propeller Club of Los Angeles-Long Beach last week that the pool managers in the coming weeks will be gathering data to be used in developing performance metrics. Shea expects continued improvement, and said by the end of the second quarter the gray chassis arrangement should be operating as efficiently as envisioned.

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