To Catch a Customer

To Catch a Customer

YRC Worldwide is using everything from online advertising on The Wall Street Journal’s Web site to offering coupons for return customers to win shippers. It released a poll last month that it claims shows increasing shipper loyalty.

“It’s hard to tell the true intentions of shippers, so we decided to ask,” President and COO Timothy A. Wicks said. The company surveyed its shipper customers on topics including their 2010 outlook and how much freight they intend to give YRC Worldwide.

Of the 5,600 respondents, 62 percent were optimistic their business levels would increase in 2010, and 85 percent of those who ship regularly with YRC said they would maintain or increase the freight they give its carriers. “We believe the service level we are delivering has overcome some of the noise and ill-conceived rumors in the marketplace,” Wicks said.

He said returning customers “go across the spectrum of small to large. We’ve been having tremendous success in the midsize segment as well. We remain optimistic that we will see more volume returned to us over the weeks and months ahead.”

Although it needs shippers badly, “We’re not hungry to have every single customer that we could get,” Wicks said. “We’re very careful about what we call unprofitable customers versus profitable customers.”

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