LTL Outlook 1998. Jan. 27. Newark, N.J. Representatives of APA Transport, Roadway Express and Nationsway Transport are invited to address the American Society of Transportation Logistics, New York-New Jersey metro chapter, at quarterly meeting. Contact: Albert Guinchi Jr., (201) 271-4800, ext. 7458, or fax: (201) 271-1181.Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Jan. 27. Washington. Public hearing on ''piggybacking,'' practice of lifting two empty intermodal containers together. Contact: Larry Liberatore or Paul Rossi, (202) 219-7234.

Propeller Club of Los Angeles-Long Beach. Jan. 28. Long Beach, Calif. Joseph N. Miniace, president, Pacific Maritime Association, offers an update on the labor situation in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Contact: (818) 951-2841, or fax (818) 353-5976.

WISTA USA. Jan. 28. Houston. Wista, the Women's International Shipping and Trading Association, holds first luncheon meeting of its newly-formed Houston regional group. Cindy Tristan, executive director of Houston International Seafarers Center in the Port of Houston, will be guest speaker. Contact: Julia Adams, (713) 877-5508 or Leslie Sweet (281) 847-3423.

Maritime Advantage Intermodal Initiative. Jan. 28-29. New Orleans. Executive forum sponsored in cooperation with the departments of transportation from several states. Contact: Doug Lloyd, (504) 589-2000, ext. 228, or fax: (504) 589-6559.

National Mining Association. Jan. 28-30. Captiva Island, Fla. 21st annual seminar on transportation. Contact: Dianne Taylor, (202) 463-2607, or fax (202) 463-9799.


Southwest Association of Rail Shippers. Feb. 1-2. Galveston, Texas. Annual meeting. Contact: Leo Mountjoy, (972) 644-5582 or (972) 644-8208.

Canada, Mexico and Nafta. Feb. 3-4, Seattle. Feb. 10-11, Anaheim, Calif. Seminars sponsored by Global Training Center Inc. Contact: Jennie, (800) 860-5030.

Harbor Transportation Club. Feb. 5. San Pedro, Calif. Theodore Prince, senior vice president, ''K'' Line America Inc. discusses ''Ocean shipping regulation: The real story.'' Contact: WZI Worldwide, (562) 434-7393 or fax (562) 434-4233.

Operation Stimulus. Feb. 5-7. Denver. Colorado's 17th annual transportation forum. Contact: Denver Transportation Club, fax: (303) 744-4183.

Nasstrac. Feb. 9. Atlanta. One-day seminar on ''Putting the Pieces of the Internet Together.'' Contact: (202) 393-5505.

Tanker Industry Convention. Feb. 11-12. London. Contact: Michael Kazakoff, (609) 452-9414, or fax: (609) 452-9374.

Underwater Intervention. Feb. 9-11. New Orleans. Sixth annual conference, co-sponsored by Association of Diving Contractors and the Marine Technology Society. Contact: (800) 316-2188, or fax (281) 893-5118.

American Association of Port Authorities. Feb. 11-13. San Diego, Calif. Planning and research program for port planners examines international trade, impacts of global shipping alliances, rail mergers and legislation. Contact: (703) 684-5700 or fax (703) 684-6321.

Hazardous Materials Training. Feb. 12-13. Houston. Sponsored by NIT League and Regulations Training Inc. Contact: NIT League, (703) 524-5011.

Westconn International Trade Association. Feb. 24. Darien, Conn. Topic is CSX-Norfolk Southern acquisition of Conrail. Speakers include Randy Evans, CSX vice president, acquisition and development; Rick L. Crawford, NS, special assistant to the chairman; Lillian C. Borrone, director, port commerce, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey; Edward Emmett, president, National Industrial Transportation League. Contact: Vinny Calandra, (203) 791-8800, or fax (203) 743-6618.

Containerisation International. Feb. 24-25. London. ''Liner shipping, 2001 and beyond,'' is theme of conference. Contact: Cathy Francis, +44 171 505-3500, or fax +44 171 505-3535.

National Defense Transportation Association. Feb. 26. New York. Annual luncheon honors Vice Adm. James B. Perkins III, commander of the Military Sealift Command. Reservations are required by Feb. 11. Contact: Linda Kelly, (201) 823-5877.

Traffic Club of New York. Feb. 26. New York. Annual dinner. Contact: Cathy Bongiovanni, (212) 269-1200.


1998 Air Freight Management Conference. March 1-4. La Jolla, Calif. Seminar for air freight truckers, forwarders airline cargo executives, vendors and suppliers. Contact: (703) 838-7978

Hazardous Materials Training. March 2-3. Long Beach, Calif. Sponsored by NIT League and Regulations Training Inc. Contact: NIT League, (703) 524-5011.

Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention. March 3-7. Miami Beach. Contact: Miller Freeman, (609) 452-2800, or fax: (609) 452-9374.

Transporte International '98. March 4-6. San Antonio, Texas. The Kingsley Group and Canac sponsor eighth annual conference on the Americas. Contact: (210) 545-0103.

American Association of Port Authorities. March 4-6. Savannah, Ga. Port legal issues program for port managers and legal counsel. Contact: (703) 684-5700 or fax (703) 684-6321.

National Grain and Feed Association. March. 8-10. Orlando, Fla. 102nd annual convention. Contact: (202) 289-0873.

International Maritime Exhibition Japan '98. March 11-13. Yokohama, Japan. Contact: Michael Kazakoff, (609) 452-9414, or fax: (609) 452-9374.

New England Railroad Club. March 12. Boston. Pete Carpenter, president, CSX Transportation, is guest speaker. Contact: Dennis Coffey, (617) 973-7027.

National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America. March 15-19. San Antonio, Texas. Annual conference and exhibit. Contact: (202) 466-0222 or fax: (202) 466-0226.

American Association of Port Authorities. March 23-25. Washington. Spring conference. Contact: (703) 684-5700 or fax (703) 684-6321.

Shipping '98. March 23-25. Stamford, Conn. Connecticut Maritime Association conference and exhibition. Contact: (203) 406-0109.

12th Annual Speednews Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference. March 24-25. Los Angeles. Contact: (310) 203-9603, or fax (310) 203-9352.

North-East Association of Rail Shippers. March 25-27. Brewster, Mass. ''Mergers: Success from the past . . . into the future. Contact: Bill Donovan, (508) 428-1224.