National Conference of State Railway Officials. Aug. 20-23. AASHTO standing committee meeting. Portland, Ore. Contact: Otto Sonefeld, (202) 624-5813.

Canadian Railroads for Non-Railroaders. Aug. 22. Sponsored by Railroad

Financial Corp. Montreal. Contact: (312) 222-1383.Advanced Order Picking. Aug. 23-24. Sponsored by Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta. Contact: (404) 894-2547.

Council of Logistics Management. Aug. 24. Southern California round table. Cerritos, Calif. Contact: Becky O'Brien, (310) 546-7049, or Merlene Austen, (708) 574-0985.

Intermodal Association of North America. Aug. 27-30. Summer intermodal conference. San Francisco. Contact: (301) 982-3400.

Dangerous-Goods Management. Sept. 5-6. Seminar sponsored by Ontario Trucking Association. Etobicoke, Ontario. Contact: (416) 249-7401.

Freight Claims, Filing and Recovery. Sept. 6. One-day seminar sponsored by Transportation Claims and Prevention Council. Milwaukee. Sept. 8, Chicago. Contact: (516) 549-8984.

Transportation Research Forum. Sept. 7. New York Chapter. Contact: Paul Gessner, (212) 435-4086.

Journal of Commerce Transportation Table. Sept. 8. William D. Fay, new president of Highways Users Federation, is speaker. Washington. Contact: India Jackson, (202) 383-6100.

7th International Containerboard Conference. Sept. 9-10. Charleston, S.C. Contact: Dana Jacoby, (415) 905-2325.

American Short Line Railroad Association. Sept. 10-12. Annual meeting. Minneapolis. Contact: Alice Saylor, (202) 628-4500.

Advanced Course in Public Warehouse Management. Sept. 10-13. Sponsored by American Warehouse Association, North American Logistics Association and Canadian Association of Warehousing and Distribution Services. Reno, Nev. Contact: (708) 292-1891, (708) 692-7213 or (708) 825-6252.

Commercial Intermodal Freight Transportation. Sept. 11-22. Two-week course sponsored by the the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y. Contact: Brian Holden, (516) 773-5161.

Freight Claims, Filing and Recovery. Sept. 12. One-day seminar sponsored by Transportation Claims and Prevention Council. St. Louis. Sept. 15, Detroit. Contact: (516) 549-8984.

National Motor Carrier Advisory Committee. Sept. 12-13. Sponsored by Federal Highway Administration. Washington. Contact: Stan Hamilton, (202) 366-0665.

Cargo Facts '95 Used-Aircraft Symposium. Sept. 12-14. Inaugural conference. Seattle. Contact: Jackie Edinger, (206) 587-6537.

Cargo Facts '95. Sept. 13-15. Used aircraft symposium. Seattle. Contact: (206) 587-6537.

National Export Traffic League. Sept. 15. Annual luncheon. New York. Contact: Kathleen Goulding, (212) 573-7903.

Electronic Toll & Traffic Management Symposium. Sept. 16-20. Sponsored by International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association. New York. Contact: (202) 659-4620.

Southwest Association of Rail Shippers. Sept. 17-18. Semi-annual meeting. Corpus Christi, Texas. Contact: Leo Mounjoy, (214) 742-7744.

BreakBulk Transpo '95. Sept. 17-19. Three-day meeting covers project cargo, recyclables, steel, coffee and container vs. breakbulk shipping. New Orleans. Contact: (303) 696-6100.

Railroad Personnel Association. Sept. 17-20. 43rd annual conference. Palm Beach, Fla. Contact: Penny Prue, (202) 639-2151.

National Defense Transportation Association. Sept. 17-20. 50th annual transportation and logistics forum. Dallas. Contact: (703) 751-5011.