Freight Cost Control Workshop. Sept. 23. Sponsored by Wm. Carter & Associates. Ramada Inn Long Beach, Long Beach, Calif. Contact: (513) 653-6382.

Outsourcing Logistics. Sept. 23-24. An examination from a practitioner's viewpoint. Robert V. Delaney of Cass Logistics is keynote speaker. John Carroll University, Cleveland. Contact: Sharon A. Brown, director, continuing education, (216) 397-3008.

Oregon Trucking Associations. Sept. 23-25. Annual convention. "Blazing the New Oregon Trail." Salishan Lodge, Central Oregon Coast. Contact: Jan McInnis, (503) 289-6888.

North American Road Transport Conference. Sept. 27-29. Sponsored by the Canadian Trucking Association, American Trucking Associations and Canacar (a Mexican trucking association). Ambassador Hotel, Camino Real, Monterrey, Mexico. Contact: (613) 236-9426.

Making Better Use of Private Fleet Resources. Sept. 27-29. Sponsored by National Private Truck Council and Private Fleet Management Institute. Pittsburgh. Contact: (703) 683-1300.

Transporting Dangerous Goods By Air. Sept. 27-29. IATA-approved conference sponsored by Transportation Development Group. Los Angeles International Airport area. Contact: Josey Ritchie, (310) 364-5226.

Southwest Association of Rail Shippers. Sept. 28-29. Regional conference to focus on technology that benefits customer and carrier. St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio. Contact: Leo Mountjoy, Western Weighing and Inspection Bureau, (214) 742-7744.

IATA Worldwide Forecasting Seminar. Sept. 28-Oct. 1. Chateau Champlain, Montreal. Contact: (514) 844-6311, ext. 3201.

North East Association of Rail Shippers. Sept. 29-30. Fall seminar on service, communication, cultural changes. Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee, Vt. Contact: Bill Donovan, (508) 428-1224.

American Railroad Conference. Sept. 29-Oct. 1. Sponsored by Mercer Management Consulting, Association of American Railroads, American Short Line Association, Regional Railroads of America, Progressive Railroading and Rail Supply and Service Coalition. Westin Canal Place Hotel, New Orleans. Contact: Chris McCarthy, AAR, (202) 638-7790.

12th Annual Aircraft Marketing Symposium. Oct. 3-5. Sponsored by Avmark Inc., Buena Vista Hotel, Orlando, Fla. Contact: (703) 528-5610.

Railroad Personnel Association. Oct. 3-6. 44th annual conference. Plaza San Antonio, San Antonio. Contact: (202) 639-2151.

Council of Logistics Management. Oct. 3-6. 1993 annual conference and exhibition. Washington Hyatt Hotel and Washington Convention Center, Washington. Contact: (708) 574-0985.

International Public Transit Expo '93. Oct. 4-6. Sponsored by American Public Transit Association. New Orleans Convention Center. Contact: (800) 323-5155 or (708) 260-9700.

Traffic Club of Newark. Oct. 5. Shippers and Membership Appreciation Night. Parkview Restaurant, Holiday Inn, Kenilworth, N.J. Contact: Robert Stotz, (908) 287-3420 or Robert Mullady, (908) 925-1330.

Future International Regulation of Air Transport. Oct. 5-6. Civil Aviation Conference. Portman Hotel, London. Contact: Institute of Economic Affairs, (011) 4471-490-3774.

Planning and Improving Warehouse Operations. Oct. 5-6. Two-day seminar sponsored by Warehouse Advisory Council. Hyatt Hotel & Conference Center, Monterey, Calif. Contact: (800) 366-8254.

Freight Cost Control Workshop. Oct. 6. Sponsored by Wm. Carter & Associates. Holiday Inn of Concord, Concord, Calif. Contact: (513) 653-6382.

American Warehouse Association. Oct. 6-7. Legislative conference. Ramada Renaissance Hotel, Washington. Contact: (708) 292-1891.

Introduction to Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems. Oct. 6-8. Seminar presented by department of continuing education, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Contact: Georgia Tech, (404) 894-2547.

Transportation Research Forum. Oct. 7. New York chapter. Speaker is James R. Teague, public affairs manager for United Parcel Service. Giovanni's Atrium, New York. Contact: Paul K. Gessner, (212) 435-4086, or Carlo Granato, (212) 435-5355.

Traffic Club of Newark. Oct. 7. Fall golf outing. Bunker Hill Golf Course, Kendall Park, Ill. Contact: Alan Marshuetz, (201) 450-4127, or Len Romano, (201) 509-406.

Planning and Improving Warehouse Operations. Oct. 7-8. Two-day seminar sponsored by Warehouse Advisory Council. Sheraton Newark Airport, Elizabeth, N.J. Contact: (800) 366-8254.

National Private Truck Council. Oct. 7-11. Five-day certified private fleet manager institute program. Georgetown University Conference Center, Washington. Contact: (703) 683-1300.

International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Oct. 9-13. 61st annual meeting. Le Meridien Montarnasse Hotel, Paris. Contact: (202) 659-4620.

Transportation Marketing Strategy. Oct. 11-15. Weeklong seminar sponsored by Council of Logistics Management and Northwestern University's Transportation Center. Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Contact: (708) 491-3226.

Multimodal Transportation Conference & Exhibition. Oct. 13-14. Fifth annual meeting. American Royal Center, Kansas City, Mo. Contact: Sandra L. Sabo, CRS Marketing, (305) 591-9475.

Private Fleet Values vs. Costs. Oct. 13-15. Sponsored by National Private Truck Council and Private Fleet Management Institute. Union Station Heritage Hotel, Nashville. Contact: (703) 683-1300.

Planning and Improving Warehouse Operations. Oct. 14-15. Seminar sponsored by Warehouse Advisory Council. Atlanta Marriott, Atlanta. Contact: (800) 366-8254.

Transportation Research Forum. Oct. 14-16. 35th annual forum and mini- conference on the North American free-trade agreement. Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York. Contact: (703) 525-1191.

Second Annual White-Winged Dove Hunt. Oct. 15-17. Sponsored by a group of American Warehousing Association members. San Fernando, Mexico. Contact: Darby Strickland, (214) 381-5050, or Mike Jenkins, (708) 292-1891.

ATA Intermodal Council. Oct. 16. 1993 annual business meeting. Opryland Hotel, Nashville. Contact: (703) 838-1918.

Managing a Safe and Effective Private Fleet and Work Force. Oct. 17-19. Sponsored by National Private Truck Council and Private Fleet Management Institute. San Antonio. Contact: (703) 683-1300.

Passenger Services '93. Oct. 17-19. International Air Transport Association annual passenger services conference. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. Contact: (514) 844-6311.

High-Tech Forwarder Network. Oct. 18-21. Sixth worldwide conference on logistics serves and automation and ISO 9000. Marina Mandarin Singapore, Singapore. Contact: (800) 926-3761 or (415) 692-5333.