TRUCK TRAILER MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION, 48th annual meeting, May 4-9. Boca Raton Resort and Club, Boca Raton, Fla. Contact: TTMA, (703) 549-3010.

ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SEMINAR, May 7-18. Transportation Center, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Contact: Executive Programs Office, (708) 491-4040.INTERNATIONAL INTERMODAL EXPO, seventh annual exhibition, May 8-10. World Congress Center, Atlanta. Contact: Eleanor Lewis, Georgia Freight Bureau, (404) 524-7777. Fax: (404) 524-7776.

EFT/EDI CONFERENCE, third annual meeting, May 9-11. Hyatt Regency Hote, Chicago. Contact: EFT/EDI, (708) 848-0135.

FREIGHT USERS ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, 20th annual meeting, May 10. Villa Victor, Syosset, N.Y. Contact: Roseann West, (516) 427-0100.

JOURNAL OF COMMERCE TRANSPORTATION TABLE, May 11. National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Speaker to be announced Contact: India Luck, JofC, (202) 383-6100.

COUNCIL OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, information technology in logistics, May 11.

Sixty East Club, New York. Lloyd Birkeland, (212) 546-3605.

RAILROAD PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSOCIATION, annual meeting, May 13-16. Mariner's Inn, Hilton Head, S.C. Contact: Carol B. Perkins, (202) 639-2552.

WORLD EXPRESS 1990, air express and courier conference and exhibition, May 14-17. World Trade Center and Vista International Hotel, New York. Contact: Jan Hillman, Triangle Communication Ltd., U.K. (011) 44 494-450054. Fax: (011) 44 494-450836.

NEW JERSEY INDUSTRIAL TRAFFIC LEAGUE, outsourcing transportation services, May 15. Ramada Inn, Edison, N.J. Contact: Fred M. Brody, (201) 589-5045; Rob Walthers, (201) 725-4343; or Nancy Miller, (201) 443-2984.

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS, executive seminar on integrated logistics, May 15-16. Hyatt-O'Hare, Chicago. Contact: ASTL, (502) 451-8150.

RO-RO 90, 10th annual international conference and exhibition on transport using roll-on roll-off, May 15-17. Stazione Marittima, Trieste, Italy. Contact: Secretariat, (011) 44 923-776363. Fax: (011) 44 923-777206.

CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, Ontario round table luncheon on support for distribution logistics, May 16. Valhalla Inn, Etobicoke, Ontario. Contact: CALM, (416) 626-6390.

COUNCIL OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, San Francisco round table, May 17. Casa De la Vista or Admiral Nimitz Officer's Club, Treasure Island. Contact: Rick Dawe, (415) 541-2841 or Kristie Stallman, (415) 433-4090.

WOMEN IN TRANSPORTATION, joint transportation-distribution banquet, May 17. The Importance of Logistics Productivity to America's Competitiveness in Today's World Market Place. San Francisco. Contact: Sheryl Rosen (415) 984-4016

NATIONAL DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION, symposium, May 18. Transpo '90 - Transportation in an Emergency, Lessons Learned: Quake '89. Oakland, Calif. Oakland Army Base. Contact: (415) 466-2578 or 2383.

AIR COURIER CONFERENCE OF AMERICA, 15th annual conference and exhibition, May 20-22. Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Ariz. Contact: Larry Burtchaell, ACCA, (703)

435-7044; or Vernon Patton, (214) 630-3056.

CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, Ontario round table, seminar on finance for non-financial logistics professionals, May 23. Delta Hotel, Montreal. Contact: Albert Goodhue, (514) 695-1162.

ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN RAILROADS, two-day workshop on operation and maintenance of freighttrain brake systems, May 23-24. University of Illinois, Champaign. Contact: Ralph Groskopf, AAR's Chicago Technical Center, (312) 567-3608.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AIRPORT AND SEAPORT POLICE, annual conference, May 27-June 1. Tacoma (Wash.)Sheraton Hotel. Contact: Roland Nease, conference coordinator. (206) 884-2025.