Tone, not criticism, undervalues CSCMP report

Tone, not criticism, undervalues CSCMP report

To consider all feedback provides an opportunity to take pause, reflect on that feedback and take improvement actions is at the epicenter of a genuine intent to improve and part of the Council of Supply Chain Management's (CSCMP) mission. I appreciate the elements of constructive feedback found in the JOC commentary and CSCMP will consider incorporation in future editions of this highly sought-after report developed by Kearney and vetted by a panel of industry peers.

The tone of sharp, unsupported criticism and pointed attacks of the report, people and our authors in this JOC opinion article spells something much different. In fact, much of what is addressed is unfounded and appears clouded by one’s opinion. Perhaps we did not delve as deeply into commentary on one or two subject areas e.g. sustainability, that’s a fair callout. But they were not conclusively ignored as the opinion purports. Additionally, consistent with prior releases we believe our report must avoid mixing insights and facts with politics, contrary to what has been suggested in the article. To call the report simply a repeat of what everyone already knows lacks the merit of an accurate review of the report. In fact, just read the news story published by Bill Cassidy, on, just seven days ago.

Ultimately though, the personal attack in this commentary is something beyond the report and the live press conference itself. Everyone called out in this opinion piece are fellow, humble community members and servants to the supply chain profession, who contribute greatly to this association, as members. This includes the moderator, the distinguished panel, Kearney and Penske, our sponsor. The profession deserves the courtesy of actionable feedback with personal attacks omitted. Over 35 global, national and regional press outlets and countless members and guests who attended the virtual event, who have downloaded or received a copy of the report believe in its content, its credibility and have praised CSCMP for its production.

CSCMP’s annual State of Logistics Report is in its 33rd year and is fully supported by the professional supply chain community as a well-researched and thoroughly examined study of the many economies which build our global supply chain.

CSCMP report author Kearney, and longstanding presenter Penske Logistics firmly stand by the validity of the study and its key takeaways as well as its importance to the outlook and planning of our global supply chain. I strongly encourage those ready for the conversation to get a copy of the report today at and urge you to join us this September in Nashville, Tennessee at our EDGE conference for a live and interactive discussion including new findings and updates on the state of logistics with the prestigious State of Logistics Report panel. Let’s collaborate to help solve for the intelligence and competitive approaches you need to meet today’s immediate and ongoing supply chain solutions.

I welcome the conversation about the state of supply chain and where it’s headed. We’ll continue the discussion in upcoming webinars, roundtables and conferences as we work together on approaches to gain necessary intelligence to produce the solutions our members seek every day.

Mark Baxa, president and CEO, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, can be reached at