Logistics Technology Providers

Logistics Technology Providers

Technology is now embedded in the very fabric of the way that freight moves across oceans and land. A major dynamic driving technology in logistics is the rise of e-commerce, which has heightened customer expectations in both consumer and industrial markets, and raised demands placed on logistics teams.

Another major factor is the flood of venture capital funding, underpinning hundreds of logistics technology startups, while serving to accelerate the overall pace of innovation. The dizzying pace of new start-ups, new buzzwords and new information makes it extremely challenging to chart an intelligent, risk-averse path. For shippers, it can be confusing to decide which areas of their business make the most sense to invest in, which specific solutions to use to track their supply chain data and to evaluate their current systems and processes.

The logistics technology choices that ocean carriers make will have a significant impact on the overall direction of the logistics technology sector in the future, because much of the data that shippers need in order to optimize their supply chains originates within the data networks of those carriers. To maximize the benefits of such initiatives, the critical data must be accurate, and must flow through such channels as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in a timely fashion. In an effort to improve the quality of this data, some ocean carriers are taking steps to collectively harmonize their data standards.


Can a private blockchain fuse the democratic promise of blockchain with its — private — creator’s tendency to exercise control and ownership over the data? And does that model protect sensitive data, while promoting accountability, visibility, and savings?

News & Analysis

01 Jun 2020
London-based digital 3PL Beacon lands a $15 million venture capital investment by focusing on supply chain finance, as the digital forwarder model continues to attract growth funding.
01 Jun 2020
The acquisition of FMIC from Chainalytics helps transform DAT Solutions into a broader freight intelligence business aimed at enabling shippers, brokers, and truckers to understand freight costs and pricing.
01 Jun 2020
A plethora of technology providers have emerged in recent years to arm forwarders with the ability to quote digitally, but not all are in the same category and most are geared to help existing forwarders compete with digitally-minded competitors.
29 May 2020
After spiking in March owing to increased demand for essential goods amid the COVID-19 pandemic, truck detention has receded but remains a disruptive factor for truckers that can backfire on shippers when capacity is needed.
28 May 2020
The addition of DP World to Maersk and IBM’s blockchain platform TradeLens is a feather in the cap of the still nascent container logistics network, bringing a string of more than 80 terminals and associated business into the fold.
27 May 2020
A Salesforce-based logistics software provider has established a critical goods network to link suppliers, buyers, and 3PLs that wouldn’t ordinarily be connected to one another.
26 May 2020
Expeditors has acquired Fleet Logistics, pulling digital forwarding capabilities into the arsenal of the trans-Pacific’s largest non-vessel-operating common carrier.
26 May 2020
Forwarding software providers continue to link up to provide amplified value to logistics companies, the latest example being SimpliShip and Qwyk teaming to provide rating and quoting tools to an Asia-based forwarder alliance.
25 May 2020
Partnerships between digital freight brokers and TMS providers continue to be formalized, which should benefit shippers looking for extra sources of capacity in their core transportation planning and execution systems.
25 May 2020
The Marseille-based startup technology incubator’s newest cohort features a duo of companies aiming to automate the trade compliance and administrative work done by logistics providers on behalf of shippers.
20 May 2020
Digitally-oriented freight broker Loadsmart, backed in part by Maersk’s venture fund, has begun offering a product that stitches together drayage, transload, and truckload operations.
19 May 2020
project44 is ramping up the multi-modal nature of its visibility offering, another signal that shippers are craving single environments that connect all modes and regions.
19 May 2020
Kontainers, which has made inroads in providing forwarders with an online transactional channel, is partnering with Portrix, a longtime supplier of rate management tools to top forwarders.
19 May 2020
A partnership between airfreight software specialist WebCargo and cargo airline management platform IBS will enable carriers to quote more efficiently, and electronically, to forwarders.
19 May 2020
A container line consortium that has tackled a range of shipping standards since launching in April 2019 now plans to drive adoption of electronic bills of lading, a standard that has long evaded adoption.
14 May 2020
Automation software provider RPA Labs has been backed by a group of supply chain-focused investors as it seeks to equip third-party logistics providers with pre-built process “bots.”
13 May 2020
A new technology platform at Werner Enterprises is designed to break down communications barriers between the truckload carrier, its drivers, and customers, and automate more of the truck driver’s workflow.
12 May 2020
OL USA, an NVO led by industry veteran Alan Baer, is using software from Blume Global to provide visibility and disruption recovery capability akin to larger and more well-capitalized competitors.
11 May 2020
Forwarders wanting to build instant quoting capability often need to juggle multiple systems and navigate setbacks to get to a desired state of reaching broader customer segments.
11 May 2020
A warehouse robotics integration platform has secured a venture capital investment to help contract logistics providers and shippers cope with the plethora of automation systems.
07 May 2020
Brokerage solutions maker Trucker Tools will pull parking data into an app-based platform to aid truck drivers searching for available spaces.
05 May 2020
Visibility provider OpenTrack has spent more than a year in stealth building an automated platform for ocean container status on the belief that shippers and 3PLs need faster access to cargo availability data.
04 May 2020
Process automation is already a feature of logistics technology investment, but the drivers for that investment are changing from cost reductions to business empowerment.
28 Apr 2020
The race to provide the most complete set of tools to manage the interface of container terminals and drayage is heating up, evidenced by Advent eModal linking with a drayage optimization software provider.
23 Apr 2020
Venture capital investment is beginning to flow toward logistics providers that ease the freight and trade compliance burdens on US-Mexico cross-border shippers.
23 Apr 2020
Freight visibility provider Overhaul, fresh off a $17.5 million funding round in March, is partnering with Schneider’s broker division.
22 Apr 2020
A spike in demand for less-than-containerload (LCL) service suggests US importers are limiting shipping costs by not importing items that may not sell during the COVID-19 pandemic.
21 Apr 2020
A survey of shippers and 3PLs finds the COVID-19 crisis left many companies ill-prepared for the pandemic and will compel them to invest in technology.
17 Apr 2020
As blank sailings pile up on the major east-west trades, the forwarder Kuehne + Nagel updated its Sea Explorer to offer more detailed information on ocean freight service schedules and predicted port arrivals.
15 Apr 2020
Logistics startups are facing a new reality in which funding rounds are likely to be smaller, recurring revenue expectations will be higher and valuations will be greater for subscription-based software than for digital brokers and forwarders.
08 Apr 2020
Nothing highlights the need for freight visibility like a crisis, but is a crisis like the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) the right time for shippers to accelerate investments in such technology?
07 Apr 2020
Online platforms to check rates, procure capacity, and track freight are not new, but forwarder Kuehne + Nagel is testing whether an intra-Asia-specific platform will accelerate uptake of such an approach.
07 Apr 2020
Youredi is the second integration specialist is providing connectivity to a new track and trace container standard developed by the DCSA, a consortium of liner carriers pushing for common protocols and processes in the container shipping.
06 Apr 2020
Supply chain risk monitoring tools have largely been seen as a luxury, not necessity, but COVID-19 is likely to change the industry’s thinking about their ability to adapt to massive disruption.
03 Apr 2020
The pandemic adds impetus to the rush to develop more sophisticated tools that can give shippers better insight into future truck rates, and eventually “forward-looking visibility.”