Trucking technology providers connect on parking availability

Trucking technology providers connect on parking availability

SecurSpace helps commercial real estate owners get revenue from unused land by tapping into an on-demand source of drivers looking for parking space. Photo credit:

Logistics software provider Trucker Tools has linked up with truck parking marketplace SecurSpace to provide drivers on its platform with a mechanism to help them navigate demand pattern disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the systemic lack of insight into parking availability.

Trucker Tools primarily provides software to the freight brokerage industry, specializing in helping brokers match loads with demand from independent owner-operators. Trucker Tools originated as an app provider for truckers, helping them find places to park, eat, and find fuel discounts, among other offerings.

With nearly 900,000 drivers and 140,000 small fleet operators using the app, the company pivoted several years ago to build location-based tools that allowed drivers and brokers to be matched more effectively with available cargo.

Charlotte-based SecurSpace, founded in 2017, helps match property owners with spare parking capacity nationwide with truckers in all modes that need a place to park their vehicles. 

“We provide a platform solution that aggregates this latent capacity and makes it easily accessible in one place,” SecurSpace CEO Lance Theobald said in a statement. “We are combating issues caused by the lack of adequate space in cities and near major highways and interstates. Trucking and logistics businesses nationwide contend with this issue on a daily basis and solving this problem is our specialty.”

Partner-friendly approaches

It’s not the first time SecurSpace has partnered with adjacent technology providers to amplify its reach. The company has a partnership with Los Angeles-based digital drayage broker NEXT Trucking to provide information on available parking for drivers in NEXT’s network.

In early 2019, it established a partnership with ITS ConGlobal, a provider of container yard and depot services, to enable on-demand storage and parking access to ITS Global’s network of facilities across the country. The two companies had been working in partnership in Southern California since 2017.

Trucker Tools has been similarly partner-friendly, particularly with a number of transportation management systems (TMS) providers, including McLeod Software, MercuryGate, and Ascend TMS, for whom capacity provided by Trucker Tools is integrated in their solutions. Trucker Tools also partners with a number of truck telematics providers, such as J.J. Keller and Omnitracs.

“We continue to look for strategic partners that can enhance and extend the tools and resources truckers rely on to efficiently run their business,” Prasad Gollapalli, CEO of Reston, Virginia-based Trucker Tools, said in the statement. “SecurSpace and its unique model delivers a previously untapped source of capacity addressing the critical need for more safe, secure parking for our nation’s truck drivers.”

Trucker Tools has long had an embedded, GPS-based parking search and reservation tool. Gollapalli said the addition of capacity from SecurSpace augments that tool.

Theobald said the SecurSpace marketplace is useful for commercial real estate owners in producing new revenue streams from “previously unused or underutilized property.”

He added the company’s focus to this point has been primarily on fleets and businesses seeking longer-term parking solutions for multiple trucks, trailers, and intermodal containers. The engagement with Trucker Tools sees SecurSpace focusing more on the overnight parking market with over-the-road truckers and small fleets.

Theobald told in March that SecurSpace, was seeing increased demand from ocean carriers and trucking companies at all major gateways. “In talking to ocean carriers, they’re looking for storage capacity all over the country,” he said. “Requests are coming in for $50 to $250 trailers a pop.” 

The Southeast may be the hottest spot right now, and there is also increased demand in the Pacific Northwest, he said.  

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