Logistics Technology Providers

Logistics Technology Providers

Technology is now embedded in the very fabric of the way that freight moves across oceans and land. A major dynamic driving technology in logistics is the rise of e-commerce, which has heightened customer expectations in both consumer and industrial markets, and raised demands placed on logistics teams.

Another major factor is the flood of venture capital funding, underpinning hundreds of logistics technology startups, while serving to accelerate the overall pace of innovation. The dizzying pace of new start-ups, new buzzwords and new information makes it extremely challenging to chart an intelligent, risk-averse path. For shippers, it can be confusing to decide which areas of their business make the most sense to invest in, which specific solutions to use to track their supply chain data and to evaluate their current systems and processes.

The logistics technology choices that ocean carriers make will have a significant impact on the overall direction of the logistics technology sector in the future, because much of the data that shippers need in order to optimize their supply chains originates within the data networks of those carriers. To maximize the benefits of such initiatives, the critical data must be accurate, and must flow through such channels as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in a timely fashion. In an effort to improve the quality of this data, some ocean carriers are taking steps to collectively harmonize their data standards.


Can a private blockchain fuse the democratic promise of blockchain with its — private — creator’s tendency to exercise control and ownership over the data? And does that model protect sensitive data, while promoting accountability, visibility, and savings?

News & Analysis

30 Nov 2021
CloudTrucks, which provides independent drivers with software to manage their businesses, has landed a massive funding round from prominent venture capital investors.
23 Nov 2021
Redwood Logistics’ focus on system integration has extended to partnerships with international and domestic freight management systems providers E2open and Freightos.
22 Nov 2021
Searoutes, a startup focusing on calculation of freight transportation carbon emissions, has raised $2.7 million through venture capital and an environmental grant from the European Union in recent months.
18 Nov 2021
Turvo has embedded ocean data from visibility provider OpenTrack to help shippers track container movements in a market where predictive insight into ocean is much in demand.
12 Nov 2021
Southeastern Freight Lines is working with Relay Payments to automate accessorial payment processes such as “lumper fees” as LTL firms look to digitize more aspects of their business.
10 Nov 2021
project44 is continuing its venture capital-fueled offensive to build a global, multimodal footprint by expanding in the Latin American market, where it currently has a limited footprint.
09 Nov 2021
Forwarder uptake of application programming interfaces (APIs) has been hindered by data quality issues and a perception that existing EDI infrastructure needs to be discarded, a new report has found.
29 Oct 2021
Shippers distracted by a messy ocean freight environment are not focusing on correcting inaccurate invoices, often due to a reliance on general-purpose tools such as Excel and SharePoint to manage rates and tenders.
28 Oct 2021
Tight LTL capacity and rates that have climbed by double digits are creating opportunities for more dynamic LTL pricing, if it can be shown to benefit shippers and carriers.
22 Oct 2021
DP World continues to expand its basket of digital services to complement investments it’s made in physical assets, all designed to funnel volume into its terminal operating network.
21 Oct 2021
Kuehne + Nagel and Blume Global are partnering to provide the forwarder a way to manage existing and potential drayage partners in a more efficient manner as shippers focus on their needs at destination.
20 Oct 2021
FourKites is helping its customers tackle the management of detention and demurrage charges through a dashboard that help them prioritize containers likely to incur free time fees.
20 Oct 2021
Flock Freight is the latest logistics technology company to reach so-called unicorn status after landing a $215 million funding round led by SoftBank to expand its pooled truckload model.
19 Oct 2021
Forwarding software vendor Magaya sees potential in providing forwarders the ability to better manage allocations on behalf of their shipper customers.
19 Oct 2021
A funding round into Paris-based Wakeo is further evidence that investors believe the market for multimodal visibility isn’t slowing down, and that there is room for multiple players.
15 Oct 2021
A partnership between Transporeon and Roambee to marry telematics data with sensor-visibility data is a sign of the growing need for shippers to manage condition-sensitive shipments amid a congested global environment.
14 Oct 2021
project44 is moving beyond freight visibility into booking through a new product that uses carrier location data to identify when truckload capacity is soon to be available for freight brokers to book.
14 Oct 2021
Vendorflow, a new platform to harmonize communications between logistics providers and the carriers they use, has secured funding from a range of venture capital investors with previous logistics expertise.
07 Oct 2021
Norfolk Southern Railway is experimenting with less-than-carload service to take loads traditionally moved on LTL trucks on boxcars attached to intermodal trains, which has received praise from a top federal official.
05 Oct 2021
Beacon’s $50 million funding round, backed in part by notable investors like Jeff Bezos and Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, continues venture capital’s fascination with the digital forwarding model.
05 Oct 2021
A Chicago-based trucking platform focused on cross-border freight has launched a contract board for small carriers to find repetitive, complementary loads from large shippers.
30 Sep 2021
Logistics software vendor Cargobase has expanded its reach into the transportation management system market, driven by demand from its spot procurement technology customers.
30 Sep 2021
Digital brokerage Loadsmart and Home Depot are launching an automated, supply-led flatbed booking platform that will help the retailer “share” its dedicated truck capacity with other shippers.
28 Sep 2021
Visibility provider FourKites has worked with consumer packaged goods customers to develop a way to connect orders to in-transit freight and yard data to improve supply chain planning.
27 Sep 2021
Consolidation on one end of the forwarding software market is creating openings on the other end, especially for systems that provide lightweight tools for small forwarders.
23 Sep 2021
Portchain has turned traction for its berth planning software into a cash injection intended to fuel its ability to help terminals better utilize resources as they grapple with port congestion.
22 Sep 2021
Transfix’s announcement that it is going public will serve as a comparison against incumbent brokers and a reference point for other digital brokers and technology providers with public aspirations.
21 Sep 2021
project44 continues its active 2021 with the $255 million acquisition of last-mile visibility platform Convey, the Chicago-based company’s largest purchase to date.
20 Sep 2021
Investors have backed technology provider Altana AI’s vision of building a map of trade network to underpin solutions for shippers, logistics providers, and customs agencies.
16 Sep 2021
A huge funding round for Utah-based digital customs technology provider Zonos shows that online cross-borders sellers new to international trade struggle to accurately calculate the cost of duties.
15 Sep 2021
A consortium of container industry heavyweights has enlisted three banks in Asia to advise it on development of trade finance solutions to tether shipping data to new financing opportunities.
15 Sep 2021
Private equity fund Bridgepoint has funneled capital into supply chain technology provider Blume Global, which has customers in nearly every segment of the global logistics industry.
14 Sep 2021
TrueCommerce’s acquisition of competitor DiCentral gives it a deeper roster of supplier and transportation partner connections for its now 18,000-strong customer base.
14 Sep 2021
Google Cloud is using project44 to boost the visibility prowess of its supply chain solutions, as cloud-hosting giants target the logistics industry.
13 Sep 2021
A new funding round into London-based forwarding automation specialist Vector.ai highlights the need for forwarders to offload administrative tasks to keep up with industry growth and complexity.