Logistics Technology Providers

Logistics Technology Providers

Technology is now embedded in the very fabric of the way that freight moves across oceans and land. A major dynamic driving technology in logistics is the rise of e-commerce, which has heightened customer expectations in both consumer and industrial markets, and raised demands placed on logistics teams.

Another major factor is the flood of venture capital funding, underpinning hundreds of logistics technology startups, while serving to accelerate the overall pace of innovation. The dizzying pace of new start-ups, new buzzwords and new information makes it extremely challenging to chart an intelligent, risk-averse path. For shippers, it can be confusing to decide which areas of their business make the most sense to invest in, which specific solutions to use to track their supply chain data and to evaluate their current systems and processes.

The logistics technology choices that ocean carriers make will have a significant impact on the overall direction of the logistics technology sector in the future, because much of the data that shippers need in order to optimize their supply chains originates within the data networks of those carriers. To maximize the benefits of such initiatives, the critical data must be accurate, and must flow through such channels as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in a timely fashion. In an effort to improve the quality of this data, some ocean carriers are taking steps to collectively harmonize their data standards.


Can a private blockchain fuse the democratic promise of blockchain with its — private — creator’s tendency to exercise control and ownership over the data? And does that model protect sensitive data, while promoting accountability, visibility, and savings?

News & Analysis

14 Jan 2021
European truckload broker sennder has vaulted into the upper reaches of venture capital-based logistics startups with a $160 million funding round and a $1 billion valuation.
14 Jan 2021
A partnership between widely used rate management software provider Portrix and container line digital quoting platform BlueX Trade is yet another sign of the need for forwarders to get direct access to digital quotes offered by carriers.
07 Jan 2021
The third party logistics provider SEKO Logistics has its eyes on tripling revenue over the next five years, leading it to turn to the private equity market for investment for the second time in five years.
30 Dec 2020
Migrating away from traditional spreadsheet-based freight procurement is becoming a priority for shippers as they move toward more frequent bids and seek to avoid data silos.
29 Dec 2020
Technology provider Turvo has attempted to redefine what a transportation management system is since it emerged in 2017, and now it’s targeting big shippers and logistics providers dealing with multiple systems.
24 Dec 2020
A logistics technology provider for US importers is taking a counterintuitive approach to driving adoption of software by making its system function similarly to Microsoft Excel while gradually driving customized modernization in the background.
22 Dec 2020
The integration between AscendTMS’s widely-used transportation management software with predictive pricing and historical benchmark trucking data from DAT Solutions is a signal that users of such systems want more value piped directly into the platforms on which they rely.
21 Dec 2020
Visibility provider project44 has raised $100 million in its latest funding round to build out its multimodal platform while hinting it may seek to go public in the next two years.
21 Dec 2020
Freightos has developed an application programming interface (API) to allow e-commerce marketplaces to plug international freight services directly into their broader offerings to business-to-business sellers.
18 Dec 2020
Less-than-containerload (LCL) operators are driving the bulk of technology development in their market owing to its niche nature and inherent complexity, but that may change as more volume gravitates to LCL.
17 Dec 2020
Convoy is integrating with AscendTMS, another sign of the importance of enabling small truckload carriers with software to manage driver dispatch and scheduling, which helps give shippers electronic access to more capacity.
16 Dec 2020
Momentum for software that helps small carriers manage their businesses keeps growing, with CloudTrucks getting $20.5 million in venture capital to build its “virtual carrier” model and an instant pay product for drivers.
15 Dec 2020
Supply chain management software provider Blue Yonder is suing its competitor Kinaxis over alleged patent infringements that Blue Yonder says have cost it $20 million in customer deals.
15 Dec 2020
BlueX Trade and Catapult are partnering to pipe instant rates from BlueX’s container line customers to Catapult’s forwarder customers, a further sign that instant quoting is gaining traction as an alternative to traditional spot quoting.
11 Dec 2020
A technology-based freight broker has spun out its technology as a standalone transportation management system (TMS), signaling the need to better connect small carriers to surface capacity for shippers.
10 Dec 2020
Interest in drop-and-hook programs continues to grow, with the broker Transfix now offering an “asset-like” service that it says it uses technology to find the right capacity for its shipper customers.
09 Dec 2020
The extraction of data from commercial invoices is a sort of holy grail in the world of logistics automation software, and solutions providers are seeing demand from logistics providers as they hone in on this area.
08 Dec 2020
The Digital Container Shipping Association’s latest effort is targeting a long sought-after goal in maritime and logistics — a paperless bill of lading — by making it standardized and interoperable.
07 Dec 2020
A startup enterprise communication software provider, with roots in the maritime industry and with traction among global traders, announced a $10 million funding round.
04 Dec 2020
Demand for detailed carbon emissions data is growing, evidenced by the integration of SeaRoutes’ data into the platforms of third-party logistics providers and global transportation and rate management systems.
02 Dec 2020
Freight broker Transfix will integrate predictive visibility data from project44 to augment its existing app-based GPS location data as part of a long-term agreement with the multimodal visibility provider.
01 Dec 2020
Flock Freight, which uses software to aggregate less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments into multi-stop truckloads, has received more than $100 million to expand its alternative to the hub-and-spoke model.
01 Dec 2020
E-commerce growth has driven appetite for on-demand warehousing space, which propelled software provider Flexe toward a $70 million funding round Tuesday.
27 Nov 2020
Automation, self-invoicing bolster traditional third-party payment audit model
24 Nov 2020
Yang Ming has joined the growing list of container lines to offering a digital quoting and booking channel, with its use of software from BlueX Trade also a sign that this trend is taking root in Asia.
24 Nov 2020
Toronto-based freight marketplace Shipz has partnered with a trio of software firms to enable users to access to adjacent tools, part of a continuing trend of forwarder-focused technology providers partnering to augment their value.
24 Nov 2020
New York–based new trade compliance automation startup Altana AI has designs on creating a new version of much-maligned trusted trade cargo facilitations programs.
20 Nov 2020
Loadsmart more than tripled the amount of capital raised through a $90 million round announced Friday as it seeks to automate the brokerage and optimization of US domestic transport modes.
19 Nov 2020
Convoy has seen considerable volume growth for a program under which loads are pre-staged for drivers, prompting the freight broker to develop more predictive capability to route empty equipment to shippers’ facilities.
17 Nov 2020
Shippers will need to look not just at multiple transportation modes, but across modes, to secure capacity in 2021, digital broker Loadsmart said.
17 Nov 2020
Digital forwarder Forto has snared its second large funding round of 2020 based on a three-fold growth in its ocean freight this year.
17 Nov 2020
DCSA and BIC have built a database of 11,000 depots, container yards, maintenance and repair vendors, and other supply chain container facilities in 160 countries.
10 Nov 2020
Cyber attacks on companies in the global logistics industry are an ever-present threat, but container lines and software providers say hosting systems in the cloud helps combat the threat and aid in recovery.
09 Nov 2020
Cloud computing is ubiquitous in the world of commerce, and that’s spread in recent years to container lines, which are using a migration to platforms like Microsoft Azure to develop products quickly and then scale them back without committing resources to a server infrastructure.
02 Nov 2020
The widely-used supply chain modeling software provider LLamasoft was acquired Monday by a procurement solutions maker in one of the biggest deals of late for a pure supply chain technology provider.