The waves of disruption that have been lapping at the shore of industries such as retail and taxis are finally beginning to hit shipping, with a slew of start ups entering the transportation sector in recent years. Venture capital firms have been eager to back such companies, and are increasingly funding the most promising technology. Meanwhile, established players in shipping such as Maersk Line and Kuhne + Nagel are funding and developing their own technologies to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the waters rising around them.

News & Analysis

Union Pacific Railroad.
23 Feb 2018
An end-to-end protective service for perishable, refrigerated goods and seafood in natural-water-environment containers is the cold chain railroad model, and its deployers argue they can grab reefer market share from other transport modes.
Trucks on a US highway.
23 Feb 2018
The US transportation capacity vise that is squeezing supply chains is moving end-to-end visibility and automation from shipper wish lists to priority lists.
SeaCube Container Leasing.
22 Feb 2018
The emeging digital supply chain is offering shippers improved reefer container tracking, as well as better control / management of the cargo's condition. But a decade of reefer underinvestment and accelerating global economy has led to a shortage of reefer containers.
Port of Los Angeles.
20 Feb 2018
Growing imports are driving up demand, and rental rates, for seaport warehouses, but beneficial cargo owners in secondary and tertiary markets will likely face a truck capacity shortage due to the electronic logging device and warehouse space in those markets could actually see rental rates soften.
Union Pacific railroad.
19 Feb 2018
Shippers and all involved in trade take note: US railroads, in some respects, hold the destiny of the 2018 intermodal year in their hands.
A modern container ship at sea.
16 Feb 2018
INTTRA officials see their company as potentially a key player in any central portal or pipeline designed to give shipping industry players end-to-end supply chain visibility, especially if it is blockchain-based.
16 Feb 2018
With a huge investment, is looking to add high speed rail to its domestic delivery system.
A truck on a US highway.
16 Feb 2018
Crunching shipper data, Zipline Logistics has found that the electronic logging device mandate is having a measurable impact on US trucker transit times and capacity.
Trucks on a US highway.
15 Feb 2018
Changing the hours-of-service rules could give US truckers more flexibility or mask shipper inefficiencies.
Direct ChassisLink.
15 Feb 2018
Intermodal equipment provider Direct ChassisLink Inc.’s (DCLI's) Digital DCLI initiative seeks to leverage the company’s REZ-1 technology for myriad supply chain improvements, in a three-year effort that goes far beyond basic chassis supply.
A US wareghouse
15 Feb 2018
Many shippers overlook transportation data that monitor their delivery exceptions. Mining data about delivery exceptions might provide shippers with smarter, more-effectual transportation performance data.