The waves of disruption that have been lapping at the shore of industries such as retail and taxis are finally beginning to hit shipping, with a slew of start ups entering the transportation sector in recent years. Venture capital firms have been eager to back such companies, and are increasingly funding the most promising technology. Meanwhile, established players in shipping such as Maersk Line and Kuhne + Nagel are funding and developing their own technologies to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the waters rising around them.

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25 Apr 2018
Sponsored: April Zobel, export trade manager for Lansing Trade Group, on overcoming initial hesitation regarding NYSHEX. 
XPO Logistics.
24 Apr 2018
Some said it could not be done, but Bradley Jacobs is forging new shipper services by integrating assets and resources from across XPO Logistics’ diverse operating network.
A truck travels on a US highway.
24 Apr 2018
A survey of more than 600 owner-operators and small carriers shows little change in detention practices at shipper docks, despite electronic logging and market pressures.
A truck travels on a US road.
23 Apr 2018
The immediate goal may be end-to-end tracking, but greater gains may come as shippers use data to manage capacity.
Vehicle waiting for export in Japan.
21 Apr 2018
Manufacturers and shippers of autos and other vehicles have some of the most detailed contingency plans in the transportation industry for adjusting to weather, port congestion, rail disruptions, and truck capacity issues. And the need to have a resilient plan in place will only be magnified by the climate change era’s increased severe weather events.
20 Apr 2018
Sponsored: Neil Barni, Managing Director of CargoSphere, discusses pricing pain points, digital innovation, and the announcement of Hapag-Lloyd’s agreement to use the CargoSphere platform.
A truck travels on a US road.
19 Apr 2018
In the US trucking sector, smaller carriers are gravitating toward shorter-haul freight, Zipline Logistics has found. That could put more pressure on longer-haul capacity.
An Amazon fulfillment center in Indiana.
19 Apr 2018
An explosion of e-commerce business is driving up rents at last-mile/last-touch fulfillment centers in urban core locations, and entrepreneurial truckers are finding ways to participate in this growing market. But the end result is a plus for beneficial cargo owners and consumers, as these developments enhance customer service and prevent final delivered costs from getting out of hand.
A freight train in Russia approaches Moscow.
19 Apr 2018
Cargo can now make the East Russia-Europe trip in about six to seven days, as opposed to 10 to 11 days previously, owing to railway improvements that enable higher speeds.
The Port of Long Beach.
16 Apr 2018
The new system, which begins in August, pending Federal Maritime Commission approval, assesses a flat fee on all day and night container moves, requires an appointment, and is a response to complaints from beneficial cargo owners and truckers about the high price of the traffic mitigation fee and truck bunching at certain times of the day.
A truck travels on a US road.
16 Apr 2018
Can deep, wide, sophisticated supply chain visibility help shippers ‘create’ capacity and control rising costs?