May 29, 1990

Included are list prices of suppliers. Quotations do not necessarily represent prices at which trans actions have actually occurred.*Prices underlying Industrial Price Index


BEEF Midwest dressed steers,

700-900 lbs, cwt. 114.00

BUTTER Chicago 92 score A per lb. .96

COCOA NY, Ivory Coast per metric ton 1,579

COCONUT OIL, Crude, Pacific per lb. .16

COFFEE NY, Brazil, Santos 4s 90.25

NY, Columbia 102.00

COTTONSEED OIL, Miss. Valley per lb. .27

EGGS fcy. lg. white, per doz. .59-65

HAMS NY No. 2 smoked, cwt. 81.00


tank cars cwt. wet basis 15.02

LARD Chicago prime west. per lb. 12

PEANUT OIL, Southeast, Crude per lb. .46

SOYOIL Crude, Decatur, IL-per lb. 24.74

SUGAR, LONDON bulk, converted 14.41

SUGAR, WORLD NY No.11 futures contract 14.09


BARLEY, FEED Duluth 2 feed per bushel 2.32

CORN Chicago No. 3 yellow per bushel 2.84

OATS Chicago No. 2 white per bushel 1.65

RYE Minneapolis No.2 per bushel 2.40

SOYBEANS Chicago No. 1 yellow per bu. 6.02

WHEAT Chicago No. 2 soft red per bu. 3.30

WHEAT KC, No.2 hard per bushel 3.88-3.97


*BURLAP NY 10 oz., 40 in. per yd. 28.75

*COTTON 1 1/16 in., slm, av. 8 mkts per lb. 77.74

*POLYESTER FIBER NY blend staple branded .85-.90

*PRINT CLOTH NY DNR 48 in. 78x76 in yds per lb. .70


*ALUMINUM LME spot, per ton 916.49

COPPER NY electolytic wire bars, per lb. 131.95

*COPPER, SCRAP NY No.2 90.00

*LEAD pig, common corroding per lb. 45.00

*SCRAP STEEL No.1 heavy melting, per ton

Pitts. 110.00-Chi. 113.00-117.00

-Phila. 107.00-110.00

SILVER Handy & Harman per troy ounce 5.1850

*TIN Grade A, N.Y. Merchants per lb. 2.95-2.97

*ZINC spec high grade per lb. 87.00-87.50


*BENZENE 145.00-148.00

*CRUDE OIL 17.50

*HARDWOOD LUMBER red oak flooring

select 1,225.00-1,280.00

*HIDES Chicago, raw heavy native steers per lb. 98

*OLD CORRUGATED BOXES 5 mkt av. per ton 15.00

*PLYWOOD Chicago CDX in. 4/5 ply

west. sheath 209.00

*RUBBER NY crude, No. 1RSS per lb. .46

*TALLOW Chicago inedible prime per lb. .14