Schenker Inc. USA

Schenker Inc. USA

President and chief executive

Customers are looking for individualized supply chain management solutions in an increasingly global economy while trying to keep within the ever-changing compliance requirements of government agencies and security measures throughout the world.

There is a high demand for cost effective service and solutions, internationally and domestically, to complete the supply chain as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Companies are looking for a logistics provider who is knowledgeable, flexible, has the global resources and can maintain a level of personal service not only for the largest of customers but also the smallest.

Boundaries between more countries are being opened, and remote places are now considered for manufacturing of products as companies strive to be more profitable. As a 3PL you need to quickly provide the resources in these locations in order to meet customer needs and remain competitive.

Performance by all parties whether it be domestic trucking, air freight, ocean freight or other modes must be constantly monitored, and relationships among all vendors need to be maintained in order to allow for the ever-hanging capacities of each logistics provider globally, as well as throughout peak and off-peak times during the year.

As a global integrated logistics provider one must be able to rapidly allow for enough flexibility to quickly monitor and change routings on shipments, thus making information technology a key factor. However, let's not forget that the most important and critical aspect of supply-chain management is to retain skillful and knowledgeable people, worldwide, to ensure continuity of customer service as the demand for efficiency, profitability and on-time delivery of goods worldwide remains at a peak level.