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Safmarine USA


Numerous actions introduced by various U.S. authorities have endeavored to ensure that the entire supply chain is secure in the face of terrorist activities.

These include the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, the Container Security Initiative and the 24-hour manifest rule.

These actions have posed a tremendous challenge for customers and shipping lines with very tight deadlines, but overall both parties have done well - although more can be done.

The next step planned is to introduce a 24-hour-type rule on U.S. exports during the early part of 2004, which will be another interesting initiative for the parties involved. This action will make the security actions even more visible to U.S. customers, because it is they who will have to focus on documentation accuracy and data provision.

Shipping lines and their customers will need to work closely to ensure that bills of lading are properly filed with correct information to avoid unnecessary delays or increased costs. This can only be done through the combined efforts of the shippers and the shipping lines that will have to strictly enforce this rule.

Many shipping lines, including Safmarine Container Lines, can now offer the option for shippers to make personalized shipping instructions on their Web sites and also to prepare, view, modify and even print bills of lading in an ultra-secure environment via their Web sites. We believe this approach will make all the difference in improving data quality and speed of data interchange.