TPM21 Podcast: GCT’s Grosman on surges, safety, and navigating uncertainty

Beyond TPM: A JOC Podcast

Ep. 5: Doron Grosman, president and CEO of GCT Global Container Terminals, on weathering unexpected and unprecedented cargo surges, prioritization of worker safety, and identifying the knowns in an year of unknowns.. · GCT’s Doron Grosman discusses weathering 2020's unprecedented surge in global shipping

TPM21 Podcast: CenterPoint Properties's William Lu on West Coast industrial real estate

Beyond TPM: A JOC Podcast

Ep. 4: William Lu, senior vice president of development for CenterPoint Properties, discusses the role industrial real estate developers play in their clients’ supply chain and the importance of identifying individual client needs for 2021, such as locations for safety stock, trailer parking, and access to alternate ports. In this podcast, Lu addresses the importance of a great last-mile facility for e-commerce – and the factors that make one – as well as US West Coast development, and emerging trends. · Beyond TPM: CenterPoint's William Lu

TPM21 Podcast: Port of Long Beach's Cordero on recovery ahead

Beyond TPM: A JOC Podcast

Ep. 3: Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach, discusses the shift from the “radical uncertainty” of 2020 to a “year of recovery” in 2021. He addresses the essential workers on the waterfront, record numbers of containers at the LA-LB gateway, milestones in the port’s Capital Improvement program, and longtime industry leadership in environmental sustainability. · Beyond TPM: Port of Long Beach's Mario Cordero

TPM21 Podcast: Carrier perspective with MSC's Santucci

Beyond TPM: A JOC Podcast

Ep. 3: Fabio Santucci, president and CEO of ocean carrier MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. USA on why the current environment is not a new normal for container shipping and his belief that we can look forward with optimism. · TPM21 Podcast: Carrier perspective with MSC's Santucci

TPM21 Podcast: Attaining Predictability - MSC's Simha on Digitization

Beyond TPM: A JOC Podcast

Ep. 1: Andre Simha, global chief digital and information officer for ocean carrier MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. and chairman of the Digital Container Shipping Association, provides perspective on the container shipping industry's move toward digitization, including analysis of the progress made and the potential curves ahead. Simha discusses growing use of smart containers and the steps needed to collectively unlock the value of captured data. · TPM21 Podcast: MSC's Simha on Digitization

Inland Podcast: Warehousing, Intermodal Insight with CenterPoint Properties

Covid-19 created many layers of chaos and uncertainty in the domestic freight market, but also areas of innovation and evolution. In this sponsored JOC podcast, we discuss the impact of 2020's expanded e-commerce business and the overall outlook for industrial real estate, intermodal freight transport, and inland hubs.
Guest: Brian McKiernan, Senior Vice President, CenterPoint Properties · JOC Podcast: Inland, Intermodal Insight

Port Focus Podcast: Long Beach Lessons

Sponsored: In conversation with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett, the Port of Long Beach's Deputy Executive Director and COO Dr. Noel Hacegaba discusses COVID-19 challenges to operations and the specific strategies the port has taken to evolve with the changing cargo landscape.
The Journal of Commerce and are part of the Maritime & Trade division of IHS Market. · JOC Port Focus: Long Beach Lessons

Setting High Bar For Sustainability, Port Corpus Christi's Sarah Garza

Sponsored: "We don't want to take our clean water and clean air for granted," Port Corpus Christi's Director of Planning & Compliance Sarah Garza. In this conversation with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett, Garza discusses the challenges of managing potential environmental impacts of energy cargo expansion, climate change and unpredictable weather, and the ecosystem changes Hurricane Harvey created.

Emergency Management at Corpus Christi

Port Corpus Christi's Danielle Hale, manager of emergency management, discusses the impact of Hurricane Harvey on her department, which was relatively new when the storm hit. She explains the National Weather Service's Storm Ready Recognition, the expanding potential for data sharing in emergency situations, as well as her department's priorities and value as an advocate.

2018 Annual Review & Outlook: Rail Perspective

In this podcast, Association of American Railroads President & CEO Ed Hamberger and JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett discuss the 2018 outlook for intermodal trade, mitigating extreme cold, exciting technological innovations, and NAFTA, as well as a recap of his commentary published in The Journal of Commerce' Jan. 8 Annual Review & Outlook issue.

Corpus Christi Hurricane Recovery, Infrastructure Update

Port of Corpus Christi Deputy Executive Director and COO Sean Strawbridge spoke to JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett about post-Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, lessons learned as well as the work done with its industrial customer that prevented any environmental incidents from occurring when the Category 4 storm hit. Strawbridge also discussed the significant growth in energy exports, channel deepening and the infrastructure support Corpus Christi and other ports need from Washington to meet these needs.

Cold Chain Challenges, 2017

Trucking e-log regulations and capacity will be the biggest challenges facing logistics businesses in the US Northeast, says Frank Manfredi. In this short podcast interview, the president of Manfredi Cold Storage details the concerns and best bets for technological solutions.

East Coast Supporting Investment By Long Beach

Sponsored by: Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach’s Dr. Noel Hacegaba explains how strategies and investments being made in Southern California supports the logistics business of the Northeast.

Labor, Infrastructure Push Boston Ahead and Massachusetts Port Authority Director Lisa Wieland discuss its recent $42 million FASTLANE grant, channel deepening and modernization plans for Conley Terminal, as well as the general strengths of Boston as a New England logistics option.

Eye on Emerging Areas: NY-NJ Distribution

Sponsored by: ASA Apple

Alex Martino, Director of Business Development, ASA Apple on emerging areas of warehousing and distribution growth on the US Northeast including solar power components. In this short podcast, he also discusses expectations for so-called 'mega ships' on the Port of New York and New Jersey and implications for the tri-state area.

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