Virginia Seeks Tolls on Portion of I-95

Virginia Seeks Tolls on Portion of I-95

Virginia's new Republican governor is seeking a green light for tolling on a portion of I-95 near the North Carolina border.

In a request submitted to the Federal Highway Administration May 10, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said tolls are needed to generate $30 to $60 million for "much needed infrastructure and safety improvements" in the I-95 corridor.

Virginia currently has permission to toll parts of I-81 under the Interstate System Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Program. It wants that authority switched to I-95.

"Significant portions of I-95 have deficient pavements and structures," McDonnell said in a statement. "These deficiencies contribute to I-95 having one of the highest accident rates of all of the Commonwealth's major transportation corridors."

McDonnell wrote to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood urging a positive response to the request.

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