More Than $90 Million Available for US Port Security Grants

More Than $90 Million Available for US Port Security Grants

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that total funding available for the fiscal year 2013 Port Security Grant Program is about $93.2 million, to be invested in maritime transportation infrastructure security activities.

DHS has apportioned a percentage of the total amount available to port area groups covering 145 ports. Port areas will compete for funding within their specific group. Applications are currently being accepted and are due no later than June 24, although eligibility submissions are requested by June 17. The anticipated funding selection date will be Aug. 2, and the award date will be Sept. 1.

PSGP measures are intended to enable state, local and private-sector maritime industry partners in the U.S. to improve port-wide maritime security risk management, enhance maritime domain awareness, support maritime security training and maintain or re-establish maritime security mitigation protocols. They must address Coast Guard-identified vulnerabilities.

Notably, certain ferry systems are eligible to participate in this year’s program and receive funds. However, any ferry system electing to participate and receive funds under PSGP will not be eligible to participate under the fiscal year 2013 Transit Security Grant Program, and vice versa.

Total funding for fiscal year 2012’s PSGP was $97.5 million.