Teamsters vote Kerry

Teamsters vote Kerry

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Democratic presidential aspirant Sen. John F. Kerry, D.-Mass., had more than a primary victory to celebrate in Wisconsin last week. He won the backing of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and 18 other unions in the Alliance for Economic Justice.

That labor endorsement came despite Kerry''s support for the North American Free Trade Agreement attacked by unions for years. The Teamsters initially endorsed Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., who campaigned on an anti-free-trade platform but dropped out of the race after his message failed to win votes.

The endorsement was announced by Teamsters President James P. "Jimmy" Hoffa in Milwaukee, Wis., the day following Kerry''s Wisconsin primary win.

"Working families need a fighter like John Kerry in the White House," Hoffa said. "With a President Kerry, we will develop a pro-worker agenda and defeat President Bush''s assault on America''s jobs and America''s working families."

Teamsters at the event waved signs promoting their ticket of choice: "Kerry-Hoffa."