Live from DC, it''s NTSB

Live from DC, it''s NTSB

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The National Transportation Safety Board entered the satellite age March 9 with its first live broadcast of a board meeting from Washington, D.C. It was only a test of the NTSB broadcasting system - the second phase of an outreach program to expand public access to NTSB meetings, hearings and events.

That outreach began last year with the broadcast of meetings and hearings live over the Internet via the NTSB Web site ( The satellite uplink builds on that initiative, said NTSB Chairman Ellen Engleman-Conners.

The March 9 hearing dealt with a Canadian Pacific Railway derailment in North Dakota and the sinking of a tour boat in the Florida Everglades in 2002.

Don''t look for the next NTSB hearing in TV Guide - the satellite uplink will be available on request once testing is complete, the agency said.