Homeland Security Audits Air Cargo Screening

Homeland Security Audits Air Cargo Screening

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general's office completed an audit of air cargo screening at selected airports, but it said in a report Thursday the results and recommendations are classified.

DHS said it audited security at nine unnamed airports that handled high volumes of cargo. In an audit in 2007, the inspector general found several vulnerabilities with air cargo security including access control, and background checks for cargo handlers.

The latest audit focused on three screening technologies: explosive trace detection, x-ray and physical search.

By The Numbers: International Air Freight Industry.

Screening of 100 percent of cargo flown on passenger aircraft has moved ahead smoothly since it became mandatory on Aug. 1, said Brandon Fried, president of the Airforwarders Association. He said the association is planning to poll members about their experiences under the new rule.

The inspector general's report is available online.

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